Rachel Zoe

Rachel explains her lack of a birth plan, her decision to take Joey on the shoot, and why she didn't want Rodg to go to Vegas.

on Sep 20, 2011

As usual, there is so much going on in my life and career all at once! I'm so excited to have Joey with me in L.A.! The timing could not have been any better since I was thrown into a shoot at the last minute, and I needed to rely on my team more than ever to prep everything in less than a day. Joey really showed me that not only is he ready to be on set with me, his experience on set as a hair and makeup artist really gives him a confidence with clients that can't be taught. I think he killed it on this shoot! I could tell that Jeremiah was disappointed that he didn't get to come on set with me, but Joey dies for Kim so taking him on this one just made more sense.