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Bring on Fatherhood

Now that Rodger's been on his boys' weekend in Vegas and moved into his new house, he's ready to be a dad.

I know Rachel wasn't happy with my decision to go to Vegas, but I don't feel bad about going. After 20 years of marriage, I knew she could survive without me for 24 hours, especially with her BFF Joey by her side for a day of shopping and a Twilight marathon, which, everyone knows, I wanted nothing to do with. Although, I will admit my last hurrah with my boys in Vegas did get a little out of hand. We drank a lot, gambled a lot and ate a lot. Oh yeah, and we went to a strip club, which I’d like to make clear was not my decision.

I returned to L.A. very hung over and Rachel was obviously not too pleased, but at least I got her a great gift from Hermes to make up for it.

After I got the Vegas trip out of my system, all of my focus turned to keeping Rachel as happy and calm as possible to start to really prepare for the arrival of our baby. I know she was stressed about Jeremiah getting the house prepared, but I always feel that when you give someone responsibility, you also give them a chance to fall and hurt themselves so they learn and grow. It is the same lesson I will teach our son.

I honestly didn't know what to expect about having a kid in our life, but I couldn't have been more ready to have a new type of stress and care about someone else. I already had so much love for him, and he wasn't even here yet. Bring on fatherhood!

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