Rodger Berman

Now that Rodger's been on his boys' weekend in Vegas and moved into his new house, he's ready to be a dad.

on Sep 27, 2011

I know Rachel wasn't happy with my decision to go to Vegas, but I don't feel bad about going. After 20 years of marriage, I knew she could survive without me for 24 hours, especially with her BFF Joey by her side for a day of shopping and a Twilight marathon, which, everyone knows, I wanted nothing to do with. Although, I will admit my last hurrah with my boys in Vegas did get a little out of hand. We drank a lot, gambled a lot and ate a lot. Oh yeah, and we went to a strip club, which I’d like to make clear was not my decision.

I returned to L.A. very hung over and Rachel was obviously not too pleased, but at least I got her a great gift from Hermes to make up for it.