Knocking It Out of the Park

Rodger explains why he called Pam in for an assist and commends Rachel's excellent work at the Oscars.

With Rachel about to pop and give birth to our son at any minute, I was really looking forward to being alone with her on our anniversary — after all, for once we were not at Fashion Week! But of course, she is Rachel, and she has a job instead.

While I understand how important this time in Rachel's career is, especially dressing Anne Hathaway to host the Oscars, I also want her to slow down and realize that this is also the single most important time for herself and her family too. Since it was increasingly frustrating to watch and worry about Rachel trying to juggle a million things while carrying our child, I did the only thing I knew to do, and reached out to Rachel's sister, Pamela. Pamela has kids so she is really the only person who can relate to what Rachel is going through. She flew into town at the last minute and saved the day by sitting Rachel down to remind her to take care of herself.

As for the Oscars, despite being pregnant and sick with a cold, Rachel really "knocked it out of the park" with the eight looks she chose for Anne. I could not have been more proud! Not to mention, seeing Rachel so happy and surrounded by an amazing team of close friends who she loves is all I could really ask for in the final weeks of her pregnancy. Now, here was hoping she stayed in bed resting until the baby comes (yeah right)!

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All of Team Zoe's Children

Rodger reflects on this season, on how Skyler has changed Rachel, and how Skyler should dress.

When it comes to Skyler's wardrobe, Rachel and I have very different opinions on how he should dress. Or how both of us men should dress for that matter! What can I say -- I think I look pretty irresistible in a tank top and a trucker hat.

Seeing Rachel's face when I brought Sky home with his new clothes was priceless. I know she didn't want to admit it, but he looked so cute in his Grateful Dead t-shirt. I want Sky to look like a tough little boy, how is he going to do that in a cashmere onesie?

I can't believe this season is over already! Over the past five years everyone has been able to see Rachel and I evolve in all aspects of our lives. From business to family, it seems our entire world is miles away from where we started. This past season in particular felt very different from the rest. Having a baby has really changed Rachel and I, both separately as well as a couple. Everything has so much more purpose now, more meaning. Even in business, the stakes are raised because we now have someone else depending on us. In addition to all of our work "kids." It’s been such a great ride, I can't wait for everyone to see all of the amazing things Team Zoe has in store!

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