Rodger Berman

Rodger shares his excitement about the expanding RZ business and their growing family.

on Sep 6, 2011

First of all, welcome back for another amazing season! So much has happened since Season 3. Most importantly, I am over-the-moon excited about Rachel's pregnancy! I almost thought it was never going to happen, and now it's finally here.

At the same time that Rachel and I are bringing a new addition into our family, we're also in the middle of expanding our company and bringing in new people at a rapid pace. With Brad's departure and the speed that our company is growing, we have no time to waste. In true Rachel fashion, pregnant or not, she's still working herself like crazy taking on one project after another. With the launch of the Rachel Zoe collection, Rachel needs to figure out a way to step back a bit so she can take care of herself through her pregnancy.

The digital media side of things, including Rachel's daily newsletter, "The Zoe Report," is sort of my baby, and we've expanded a ton since we started in 2009. Now I need to help Rachel to feel comfortable enough to bring in some new blood onto the styling side of things to help with all of the extra work that comes with a fast growing company. This is going to be no easy feat after everything that's happened with our staff at RZ Inc. in the past two years. Even my own wife forgets that as fun as everything we do at RZ Inc. is, it's still a business, and I come from a business background, so I actually do know what I'm talking about when it comes to running this company.