Rodger Berman

Rodger discusses how much he loves going to Paris, despite Rachel's dramatic over-packing.

on Mar 20, 2013

Paris Fashion Week is always one of my favorite things that Rachel and I do together! And now that we have Skyler, I relish the opportunity we have to show him the world and all the incredible possibilities that await him. Although traveling as a family can certainly be chaotic, I feel so blessed that we get to share these experiences with one another.

Watching this episode makes me laugh because you can really see how normal we are even though we are in some rather extraordinary circumstances. I’m pretty sure all men have the same talk with their wives about over-packing. . .my wife just happens to take it to an entirely new level!

Now that we have the Rachel Zoe collection, Paris Fashion Week has become an entirely new experience for us. It used to be that Rachel was looking for the best pieces to put on her clients, but now in addition to that there are an entirely new slew of responsibilities for us on this trip -- going to Polly King, for example, and making sure that our Paris market is being handled properly.