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Rachel as "Talent"

Rodger hopes Rachel can grow to embrace her role in front of the camera -- and still living in LA.

If I have to have one more conversation about buying a place in New York I'm going to freak out! But I've made my executive decision -- no apartment, case closed. We have a great system going back and forth between LA and NYC and we get the best of both worlds. If it ain't broke…

It's so funny to me that after all this time Rachel still gets so nervous when she's the "talent" rather than her more familiar role as the behind-the-scenes stylist. She's beautiful and talented and people love to see her, but it still manages to make her a bit uncomfortable. She's worked so hard to get to this place in her career, and I wish she could just stop and realize how amazing it all is instead.

Seeing her on the billboard was such an important and exciting moment not just for Rachel, but for our business too.