Favorite Housewives City

We took it to Facebook to finally decide the age-old question: which Housewives hometown is your favorite? Was it an East Coast/West Coast thing? Or did an actual state take the fave city title? Click to see which locale reigned supreme.
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The Very Best of The Real Housewives

There’s much more to being a Real Housewife than just our nominated moments. Take a look back at some of the most iconic quotes and images, insane kerfuffles and tiffs, and impressive singles and abodes that have made the Real Housewives what they are today.

What's Your Housewives Tagline?

Now’s your chance to get into the Housewives’ spirit. Take a picture of yourself with your tagline and share on social with the hashtag #RHAtagline, so we can see just how award-worthy you are.

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