A #RHOA Guide to Holiday Entertaining

"Bitch, where my cookies at?"

To help you get into the holiday spirit, we've put together some handy tips for making sure your festivities are Gone with the Wind Fabulous with a little help from the Atlanta Housewives. 

1Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Guests

2Make Sure You're Feeling Your Look

3Make Sure Your Fridge (and Bar) are Well Stocked

4A Good Guest Always Brings a Gift

5Always Check with Your Host About What to Bring

6Music is the Key to Getting the Party Started

7Don't Spend Time Worrying Whether Your Guests Will Get Along

8Always Check in with Your Guests...

9...But Don't Be Afraid to Keep It Moving

10Be Sure to Treat All Your Guests Equally

12Give Each of Your Guests a Proper Goodbye

13Remember to Give Praise Where It's Due

14Don't Be Afraid to Confront People About Bad Behavior the Day After


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