Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel's first take on the ATL Housewives.

on Oct 7, 2008

Now to Sheree. This chick needs a little reality check. First of all, let's not call the IRS straight to our doors by discussing every penny your ex-husband may or may not have and the seven-figure settlement you're looking for. I'm no secret keeper, but some things are better left unsaid. Her ex must be horrified. Also, I'm sure this will be great for her dating career. Every man is looking for a woman who, once divorced, wants to live a lifestyle that's as good, if not better than before. Every woman should look to her ex to give her a seven-figure settlement. Lovely. Also, she might want to wait for others to pay her compliments instead of constantly giving them to herself. Well, let me take that back. She does employ a bevy of people around her to compliment her on her booty, her waist and her fabulousness.

Did I leave anyone out? I think not. I think the show will do well because people's jaws will drop. In the world of stress, with the economy and the election, this is more trainwreck television (like my show) that will take people out of their every day lives. These women were perfectly cast, because they are truthful, unapologetic and gave the camera everything. Will they be giving some of their money to charity? I hope, but it's doubtful.

After all, the most important things are the chrome grill on a Maybach, the label on your back, and the size of the staff on your Atlanta manor.

I can't wait to watch another episode. I'm in and I'm hooked.