Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin get real about Kim's singing career.

on Nov 4, 2008

This week was ridiculously fabulous and I watched with Jill Zarin from my show who chimed in here and there.

STRIPALICIOUS????? So, we start the episode with an adult sleepover in which the Atlanta ladies are working the pole. I think I would have preferred to see them in a strip club. Those professional strippers were scary and looked more like mud wrestlers. Working the pole is supposed to be sexy and hot, and I think if I busted out of those moves on a date, the man would run faster than he probably normally would.

I believe it was Sheree who mentioned that she was into "trying new things." How about backgammon? Or knitting. Shockingly, Sheree said she was "feeling really good about myself." Modesty seems like her strongpoint. However, (and we know I don't toss around compliments to Sheree freely), she was good. She worked that pole and she was better than the pros. She is also ripped. I like a lean body. She is a bit too muscular for me, but she obviously takes care of herself and it pays off when "shaking they jelly" as this dancing was affectionately called. My favorite line was "black women have booties." It is true and these girls know how to work them. Every smart girl would love a little bit more "junk in their trunk" if tight and right.

Lisa was reluctant but the tequila got her going and she participated. All in good fun. Please can we discuss Kim's personal chef with headphones. It was obvious to me that she hired him just for this shoot and that he isn't their regular chef. It is very important for her to show her new money and flashy cash, so this was perfect. She doesn't seem to know a single thing about food. She probably thinks arugula is a foreign city. Frozen pizza should do her just fine. She should save her money.

OK, and I really wanted to be wrong here: HOW ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS WAS HER VOICE?????!!!!

She even confidently said the words "talented like me, kind of." Um, I'm thinking not even kind of. Jill and I were gasping. Jill can't sing a note and I seriously think she's better than Kim. Kim doesn't seem to be concerned. She says, "I always get what I want. I'm not worried about it."