Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin get real about Kim's singing career.

on Nov 4, 2008

OK, as a chef, and a person who happens to walk upright, I really couldn't get over the guacamole moment. OK, you don't have to have attended Le Cordon Bleu to hear of guacamole. They sell it in Costco. She had a problem with her food being made in a rock and called guacamole "green garbage." I think she lives under that rock. And please someone tell me that she did not spell cat WITH A K. She's got no problem spelling Dior. Then we had a few more nauseating, vile moments of "You're beautiful, no you are" and thankfully that wretched Rosa Mexicano scene ended.

NeNe announces that she's working on a charity for victims of domestic abuse. I can't say anything bad about that except for please try to make and not spend money on this one.

Then Kim goes into the studio dressed like Kid Rock. I know these broads will bash the hell out of me next season, but I'm just calling 'em as I see them. This is insane. Kim was a bit shocked and perplexed and got a bit of a wake-up call because of how bad her voice was. The truth hurts. Luckily, anything can be done in the studio, and truth be told, she really is an entertaining character. Then we move to a scene in Lisa's kitchen where Sheree continues to talk about NeNe while saying how bad it is to talk about people. She eloquently lets us know that she likes "real ass people."

I reconfirmed at NeNe's charity hat meeting that I love DeShawn. To me, she is sweet and she really is beautiful and I don't have to hear her talk about it every week. She seems sweet and they are real friends. I love hats and died when the girl said she hoped they have big hats because she needs to "hold a lot of weave." Loving this language!!!! I also liked learning about the history of hats with African American women and how they traditionally wore them to church and how they love them. DeShawn and NeNe looked great in them and I loved Gregg in his. Then we had a bit more gratuitous conversation from Sheree about how miserable NeNe is in her own life blah blah blah.

NeNe was wrong in the limo but they are both wrong in perpetuating this nonsense. Sorry for the lengthiness but I like to cover everything. Sorry this is coming to an end in a few weeks.