Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel talks about Sheree's fashion show, NeNe's brunch, and DeShawn's BBQ.

on Nov 11, 20080

On to shopping: DeShawn and Lisa are the NFL and NBA wives, respectively, and I felt a little tiny twinge of unhealthy competition between them. I learned that the NBA has guarantees, while the NFL is a less secure life. DeShawn, as cute as she is, let Lisa know that she has no spending boundaries and lives up to the bling image that the NBA wives supposedly possess. I personally just love the B-roll when the camera just randomly scrolls through luxury labels all over Atlanta.

Now to Sheree's meltdown. Evidently, her seamstress dropped off these disastrous samples in a plastic garment bag that were seriously wretched. Having been through this exact process, why wasn't she managing her staff? She should know the piece goods (zippers, buttons, etc.) much less the fabric, and she should have been monitoring their progress. You don't just tell someone to sew and pray for the best. The biggest names in fashion are sitting in their design studios until the very last minute micromanaging every last detail. If she wants to be in "Milan, Paris" and all over the world as she says, she might want to get her ass out of the mall and near a sewing machine.

I did feel a little bit bad at her cluelessness, but I felt worse for the women who got ripped a new one. I doubt that the seamstress had any guidance. Thank God the world doesn't know her name thus ruining her business and life. Kim came over for a bit of lukewarm condolence, but sadly she forgot to put pants on. It could happen to anyone.

DeShawn went through with her BBQ. I can't help but like her and Lisa. They really are sweet. DeShawn is beautiful with such a sweet personality. As luck would have it, Sheree simply didn't want to go. She eloquently said, "I don't feel like it." Um, do they not have phones in Atlanta? Can't you have the class to call? Kim was right up there with not wanting to eat chicken with the group. Maybe she doesn't know what chicken is either. The rudeness of not calling is inexcusable. Poor DeShawn. First the charity then the barbecue - she might want to stick to attending other people's events.

maria a davidson
maria a davidson

I was trying to find some recipes online, you're body is unbelievable! You are by far my fav and the only real one with a great personality on any of the housewife shows. kelly is a clueless bimbo and gives you way to much grief. Would love to see you knock her out- just once!