Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel talks about Sheree's fashion show, NeNe's brunch, and DeShawn's BBQ.

on Nov 11, 2008

Down to the really important things in life. Sheree's main priority is having a dress "that no one else is gonna have" for her fashion event. She ripped the sales girl at Intermix for doing the forbidden and selling the same dress to someone else. Why didn't Sheree make herself a dress? If we have to rely on her dresses and Kim's songs, we'll have naked silence. Sheree's grammar is really coming through particularly when she called her designs a "hot ass mess" and when she says "I've already went to the it people" when referring to her event. I have no issue with poor grammar, but don't act like you're some socialite fashionista who's better than anyone when you can't properly form a sentence.

Sheree's fashion party was noticeably missing fashion. I liked the ice sculpture, but the body painting was a bit sloppy. It was particularly kind of Sheree to invite her ex-husband to put him "in a bad place" and to let him know how far she's come. It wasn't classy. He didn't know what he was walking into. No bien.

NeNe and Dwight discussed the fashion-less fashion event. He is one creepy character. Please never show me his feet, his legs, or his French manicure again. You really need a strong stomach for this show. I also don't need the visual of his thrice-daily sex regimen. I actually have seen feet that pretty and I think they were on Shrek.

Lastly, while these women will already hate me, I may as well go the whole way. Why was Lisa swimming in the pool in a white knit cover-up while not even touching her face with water? Go swimming. Enjoy. We see a turn in this plotline because Ed will be playing for Oakland. He was really sweet when he said, "I'm always with you baby." I really like them. They'll weather any storm. He just wants to play and go out on his terms.

Then to the paternity test. I was sure that it would say that Curtis was her father. When I saw that it didn't, I gasped. I learned from the envelope that her real name is Linnethia. Her family was really sweet. Brice said "nothing's gonna change." What a moment. What a frustrating situation, particularly because I don't know how she will ever find out the truth. What is true is that she has her family and that is all that matters. Just because someone is biologically connected to you, doesn't mean that they are good family. She is probably better off. This show has dimension. I'm in, I'm hooked and I'll be back next week. b