Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel has some love for the ladies of the ATL.

on Nov 19, 2008

This will be my last blog (except for after the reunion), so a few of you will be happy. Thanks for all of your support, and in particular for defending the absolute nonsense that I have even a racist bone in my body. Just as when Jill Zarin says bra with an "r" is typical of a Jewish American Princess, someone who says "i have a lot of weave" is most likely said by someone of African American descent. Now onto the show.

We started the show with a seemingly forced lunch scene with Sheree, Kim, and Lisa. It was the mutual diamond admiration society and then we moved on to the meat of the matter which was a get-together. Lisa was right in that it was utterly rude to not show up to the sunset BBQ without calling. They rudely called NeNe a drag queen, and Kim told Sheree how beautiful she was once again. Lisa invited everyone to a family dinner and Kim and Sheree agreed to go binding this agreement with a pinky swear. Yes, a pinky swear. BFF 4eva. The scene was cute with DeShawn and her husband while playing basketball. They were reminiscing about the old times when Red Lobster was an extravagant celebration and how they lived on Ramen and Hamburger Helper. She told him she always believed in him, and he remembered that she was his No. 1 fan. I just think she is genuinely sweet and cute.

The next scene involves Kim and her assistant and some signicant Gucci, Neimans, and Chanel label dropping and we learn that Kim bought a bunch of dresses because she felt important. I actually found that funny and honest. The crucial point of that scene was her conversation with Dallas in which he tried to motivate her about her going to singing boot camp, quitting smoking, and the importance of being passionate versus just "doing it." She seemed flabbergasted at the thought of running while singing for three hours. That does seem daunting. I hadn't even ever heard of that.

I really liked the scene with Sheree and Michael Knight from Project Runway. Sheree was endearing in this scene and for the first time she was humble and genuinely was looking for guidance. She looked very pretty in this scene, and she does have good skin. Kim was right about that. She did need a reality check and to understand that you have to live and breathe your designs and be involved in every part of the process -- she learned this the hard way at her non-fashion show.