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Lick It And Stick It

Bethenny Frankel has some love for the ladies of the ATL.

This will be my last blog (except for after the reunion), so a few of you will be happy. Thanks for all of your support, and in particular for defending the absolute nonsense that I have even a racist bone in my body. Just as when Jill Zarin says bra with an "r" is typical of a Jewish American Princess, someone who says "i have a lot of weave" is most likely said by someone of African American descent. Now onto the show.

We started the show with a seemingly forced lunch scene with Sheree, Kim, and Lisa. It was the mutual diamond admiration society and then we moved on to the meat of the matter which was a get-together. Lisa was right in that it was utterly rude to not show up to the sunset BBQ without calling. They rudely called NeNe a drag queen, and Kim told Sheree how beautiful she was once again. Lisa invited everyone to a family dinner and Kim and Sheree agreed to go binding this agreement with a pinky swear. Yes, a pinky swear. BFF 4eva. The scene was cute with DeShawn and her husband while playing basketball. They were reminiscing about the old times when Red Lobster was an extravagant celebration and how they lived on Ramen and Hamburger Helper. She told him she always believed in him, and he remembered that she was his No. 1 fan. I just think she is genuinely sweet and cute.

The next scene involves Kim and her assistant and some signicant Gucci, Neimans, and Chanel label dropping and we learn that Kim bought a bunch of dresses because she felt important. I actually found that funny and honest. The crucial point of that scene was her conversation with Dallas in which he tried to motivate her about her going to singing boot camp, quitting smoking, and the importance of being passionate versus just "doing it." She seemed flabbergasted at the thought of running while singing for three hours. That does seem daunting. I hadn't even ever heard of that.

I really liked the scene with Sheree and Michael Knight from Project Runway. Sheree was endearing in this scene and for the first time she was humble and genuinely was looking for guidance. She looked very pretty in this scene, and she does have good skin. Kim was right about that. She did need a reality check and to understand that you have to live and breathe your designs and be involved in every part of the process -- she learned this the hard way at her non-fashion show.

I do, however, respect that she didn't want to show her poorly made designs. Michael was shocked that she didn't choose her own fabric. When she told him that she was grand, he communicated to her that she should worry less about grandness and be more hands on. He told her that her line is an infant and that her DNA has to be in it. Truer words have never been spoken. I have put my heart and soul into projects that have been failures much less what would happen if i wasn't totally invested. Hopefully this lesson was learned by Sheree before she wastes a ton of money. Sheree seemed to heed his advice. I thought it was interesting that he said that many athletes' wives embark on similar ventures thinking that money will create the success. Passion is the real ingredient necessary to make this recipe work.

Everyone seemed to look very pretty this week. In the scene with NeNe and her letter to Curtis, she looked great in her green tube top. She really is sweet and I love her NeNe-isms like when she was sending the letter and she said to "lick it and stick it." She doesn't seem ready to go on the journey to search for her biological father. Having had nothing to do with my father for all of my life, I relate to this range of emotions.

I love Ed and Lisa. In their kitchen scene, we see that they are dedicated to working it out, that football is his first love, and that she simply fears him ending up in a wheelchair. They are best friends. I love them and aspire to a relationship like this.

I also loved the chicken a la Lisa. My favorite part was their "cooking outfits." They both looked beautiful and truthfully, that chicken looked delicious. I like how they browned it first. The only thing i would have done differently would be to saute the peppers before they add them for maximum flavor. Yummy.

Now to Kim's smoking scene. She has been smoking since she was 15, so this will not be an easy habit to break. Although not entirely healthy or appropriate, it was endearing that her daughters sleep in bed with her. Where does Big Pappa sleep? I also think Kim has great skin especially for someone who smokes like a chimney.

Lisa's party looked like a real blast. The place was fun and that cake looked divine. Sheree was carrying that blinged out Chanel bag that Kim was wearing earlier. Thank god for Chanel!!!! Sheree wanted nothing to do with NeNe. In fact she told us that she ignores ignorant people. So she ignores people who ignore??? When told that NeNe didn't have to take a photo with Sheree, she said "I sure don't." Frankly, I think NeNe and Sheree were both being immature. Take the silly picture. It isn't about you but about Lisa.

I loved the Brice graduation scenes and I liked that NeNe wanted a safe car for him. He seems like a well-behaved son, and although they're buying him a new car, he doesn't seem spoiled. I like that NeNe said she wanted him to be a young, strong, independent black man. I love them. I especially thought it was hilarious when she told her husband that Brice would drive off in that pickup with all of his stuff thus making the sale.

Sheree's children are adorable and I love that they got all As and Bs. She must be doing something right.

While getting ready for Lisa's party, we saw Kim's daughter's astounding closet. She has way more expensive clothing than I do. I do, however think that she is a good mother. We got to see the Swiss Miss dress again in this scene which makes me giggle. I also like that she doesn't want any NeNe drama in front of her children. Let's just see if she can quit smoking as promised. Now we go to Lisa's dinner party. It is so cute how Ed compliments Lisa's pumps. At the party, can you say AWKWARD? NeNe makes it clear (which i love) that she doesn't like to pretend. She also mentions that she doesn't like drama which I don't exactly believe. I loved when she said "How small of you" to Kim whether or not it is true. Kim looked like a deer in headlights and not very confrontational. I loved Gregg's pep speech but it didn't seem to really be effective. I think the pleasantries thereafter were just to get through the day. We'll see the claws come out at the reunion. I liked the most about this ending that all of the women are good mothers and most of them are great family people. I do believe that comes first. I also loved Kim's quote: "I ask, I believe and I receive." Again, whether or not that will happen, I have no idea.

We learn that Kim goes to country singer boot camp, Ed doesn't end up going to Oakland, NeNe is a free bird who tells it like it is (um we knew that) and the rest remains to be seen. Until the reunion. Then I can really let it rip.

Kenya: This Was My Season of Vindication

Kenya Moore opens up about her journey this season and gives an update on her pilot.

Life Twirls On
I love this title because it’s a testament to my life. This season has been my year of vindication. Thank God, because it was a long time coming. Some of my fans were so angry that I had been lied on for two years that they wanted blood. They and myself were angry and hurt that someone would physically attack me and never issue an apology for their actions, regardless of whether or not they felt justified. And who could forget the years of being called a whore a thousand different ways all in the name of Jesus?

I’ve learned many lessons along the way and forgiveness is one. I have to admit I could not have done it on my own. I have my family to thank for that. I’m from Detroit and I was raised in survival mode from day one with a mother who vowed to “dog me for the rest of my life.” Therefore, I will always be a fighter. But my focus has shifted and I have too much to lose. I have realized I cannot make a person do the right thing, I cannot educate beyond one’s rudimentary limitations, and I cannot change anyone. However, what I can do is take responsibility for myself and sit back and let karma do the rest -- funny how that works.

My Sister’s Success
One of my favorite principles is you have to be as happy for another person’s success as you are for your own. I’m that girl who roots for all the girls to win. This isn’t me versus NeNe… One can’t deny that just six years ago no one knew who NeNe was and now she has had some acting success. I congratulate her as another woman who has worked my entire life in the entertainment industry and all of our accomplishments must be acknowledged and respected alike. There is room for us all -- not just one at a time. I refuse to pull someone down like a crab in a barrel; jealousy has never existed in my heart. With that said, it’s a lot easier to root for someone that is humble, gracious, and most of all thankful.

Life Twirls On!
“As an artist, I’m sensitive about my sh--” –Erykah Badu

LOL! I’m no different. I single handedly wrote, executive produced, financed, created, directed, and starred in my independent television pilot. Although the viewers only saw a glimpse of what it really takes to produce a TV show, it’s no joke. My name was on the line as well as my financial investment. But if I am going to gamble, I’d bet on me every time!

All the girls and I were in a good place but I still felt vulnerable. It’s torture to expose yourself in that way, to allow people to experience and criticize your work. But as you know, everything is not for everybody. With that said, it is a comedy and I did what I set out to do and that was make people laugh and entertain them. They all seemed to really enjoy it, and I especially appreciated Kandi, Demetria, and Claudia’s enthusiasm and love they showed me during the screening.

As a producer, it’s most fulfilling is to be able to employ others and give opportunities to talented people who may not otherwise be afforded them. Over 50 people worked on this production, and I want to thank my cast and crew for their priceless contributions and my Co-Executive Producer, Brandon DeShazer, for always coming through for me. There was so much excitement on social media as #LifeTwirlsOn was trending, creating a demand to see the entire show! The viewers have spoken and we will be airing the pilot very soon! Stay tuned for an official announcement.

To Team Twirl:
I see you, I hear you, and I thank you for fighting my battles for me. A lot of people have followers, but I truly have loyal fans. You have my back and I couldn’t do this without you. There was so much new positivity for me this season that it is unchartered territory for me. Don’t worry, I’m still that fiery, funny, shady, crazy Kenya that will read you for filth while twirling on my 5” heels you all have come to love or hate. From Celebrity Apprentice to Millionaire Matchmaker and talk shows like Wendy Williams, you continue to show up and make my shows some of the highest rated ever. Love me or hate me, I appreciate the fact that you can’t stop watching me! I love and appreciate you all.

Now Twirl!

Life Twirls On premiering in May go to and like me to get access to a special preview!

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