DeShawn Snow

DeShawn reflects on the Reunion.

on Nov 26, 2008

Hello! I am glad I am able to write to you one final time. As always, I will keep my comments to a minimum. I think the reunion special was very interesting! I feel that everyone had an opportunity to clear up any misconceptions, and to address any issues. Andy certainly caught me off guard when he asked me my thoughts on everything! I was trying to properly articulate my thoughts (LOL) and was at a lost of words. That shot of me was hilarious. At the end of the day, our lives will always be connected because of the show (as NeNe points out). I still think highly of each of the ladies and wish them much success on their endeavors. While we may not all hang out, we are all still cordial to one another.

I want to thank everyone for making our first season such a success! It couldn't have happened without you guys. This definitely has been a learning experience and I think I am a lot stronger because of it. I am encouraged by all of the positive responses I have received. A lot of great opportunities have come out of the show.