Here Comes The Drama ...

DeShawn Snow weighs in on the infamous limo ride, and NeNe's song.

Well this episode was certainly filled with drama!

As you saw, my husband planned a special evening for my birthday. He arranged for the 6 of us to have dinner at Barnsley Gardens Resort. This place is amazing! I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to celebrate a special occasion or just have a relaxing time. It is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains just 60 miles north of Atlanta. We had a fabulous time there.

The limo ride home was hilarious. NeNe sang the now "infamous" song. My take is this: She didn't say anything in the song that she have not or would not have said to Kim directly. It was all in fun. There was no evil intent behind it. I think the drama came in with the delivery of the message. Whoever said something had to have made it out to be something MORE than what it was. The sad thing about it all is that Kim made assumptions based off something she heard from someone who wasn't there. I am quite sure you all have experienced having a story changed 50 times from the truth by the time it gets to you. I know I certainly have. He said. She said. We graduated from high school how long ago??????

Needless to say, we were both surprised that Kim did not speak to NeNe at the store. When we got to lunch, I tried to call Kim so that she and NeNe could talk. As you saw, Kim had already made up her mind by then and did not want to hear what anyone had to say. Until next time, DMS

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