DeShawn Snow

DeShawn Snow elaborates on the assistant interview process, and talks about why she thinks Kim Zolciak is hilarious.

on Oct 14, 2008

Last week Princess Banton (producer), shown in gold, threw us an amazing preview party for our season premiere. It was held at the W Hotel on the main floor. There was red carpet and media. All of Atlanta came out to show their support. We had such a lovely time I was excited to be able to spend this special evening with my loved ones. All of the housewives looked amazing! You can view more pictures from the premiere in the photo gallery at

Now on to this week's episode... In this episode, they focus on me continuing the interview process. As you saw, I did not hire the previous estate manager candidate. Although she went over and above during her trial, there were some administrative things that did not check out. As with everything I do, I go into it prayerfully. So when it didn't work out, I knew it was for a reason.

As I began to prioritize and things started picking up on the personal side, we (my husband and I) decided to consider Executive Managers. This person would manage myself as well as my entities. The house would be considered as one of those entities.

I began a list of qualities that would be necessary for this position. Having learned from previous hires and from systems I developed myself, I knew exactly the type of person/qualities I needed.