DeShawn Snow

DeShawn Snow reflects on the dramatic season.

on Nov 18, 2008

Well as you saw last week, my effort to get everyone together did not turn out as planned. I wasn't as disappointed as Lisa described to Kim and Sheree on tonight's show. However, I did feel that Kim and Sheree could have just called or sent a text message to say that they weren't going to make it (rather than say in their interview that they had no plans on attending). We are all grown! No one has to do anything they don't want to do.

Fortunately, Lisa was successful in getting the group together. As you saw, there were a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of misunderstandings. The conversation should have taken place a long time ago. I think Greg's speech was the perfect ending.

There was so much footage during the filming that you all only got to see a "snapshot" into our lives--you did not get to see everything. I did a lot with my boys, I did a lot with my foundation girls, and NeNe and I visited and ministered to women in the domestic violence shelter (for her non-profit, Twisted Hearts)... I was happy to see that the scene with Eric and me on our basketball court made it on the show. How cute was that! I think you all got a good glimpse of the history we have together. As I said before, Eric and I met freshman year in college. We had the name of our first-born picked out before we even graduated (we had him three years later). We didn't really know where life would take us, but we knew we would be together through it all.