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We Are All Grown!

Cynthia: It Was Awkward Seeing Phaedra Uncomfortable

Demetria: I Have No Beef with Kenya

NeNe Explains the Wig

Phaedra: I Was Hoping Apollo Wouldn't Create a Scene

Kenya's Not Interested in Roger Bobb

Claudia: "I'm the Samantha of the Group"

Kenya: Cynthia Commanded the Runway

Phaedra: You Don't Often Come Across Hair Burglary

Cynthia: "I Pray We Can Make Peace"

Claudia: I Could Relate to Cynthia's Insecurities

Cynthia's "Non-Conversation" with NeNe

NeNe: The Pit Bull Act is Not a Good Look

Kenya: If It Looks Like a Fraud...

Phaedra: "I Moved Past This Years Ago"

Claudia: I Am Not Asking for Sympathy

GIF Recap: Saltines, Anyone?

Kenya: Why Would Apollo Try to Hurt Phaedra?

Cynthia: "My Heart Went Out to Kenya"

Phaedra: "NeNe Made a Fair Observation"

Claudia on Her Sit-Down With Porsha

GIF Recap: Pushed to the Brink

Cynthia: Porsha's THOT Comment is Too Ridiculous

Kandi: Cynthia Can't Win for Losing

Phaedra: Cynthia's Behavior was Unbecoming

Claudia on NeNe's Thirsty Comment

Don't Insult Kenya's Virtue

GIF Recap: New 'Wife, New Shade

Phaedra on Being "Super Mommy"

Kenya: I've Never Been Anyone's Whore

Cynthia: I Felt a Connection with Claudia

Kandi: I Felt Bad for Kenya

NeNe Talks Zumanity, Apollo's Shocking Reveal

Claudia on Meeting the 'Wives

GIF Recap: She's Baaack...

NeNe: "I was a Rock for Phaedra"

Cynthia on Her Friendship with Kenya

Kandi: I'll Always be Honest with Phaedra

Phaedra: "It was Apparent the Marriage was Over"

Kenya: This is My Season of Redemption

GIF Recap: Oh the Zumanity!

We Are All Grown!

DeShawn Snow reflects on the dramatic season.

Well as you saw last week, my effort to get everyone together did not turn out as planned. I wasn't as disappointed as Lisa described to Kim and Sheree on tonight's show. However, I did feel that Kim and Sheree could have just called or sent a text message to say that they weren't going to make it (rather than say in their interview that they had no plans on attending). We are all grown! No one has to do anything they don't want to do.

Fortunately, Lisa was successful in getting the group together. As you saw, there were a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of misunderstandings. The conversation should have taken place a long time ago. I think Greg's speech was the perfect ending.

There was so much footage during the filming that you all only got to see a "snapshot" into our lives--you did not get to see everything. I did a lot with my boys, I did a lot with my foundation girls, and NeNe and I visited and ministered to women in the domestic violence shelter (for her non-profit, Twisted Hearts)... I was happy to see that the scene with Eric and me on our basketball court made it on the show. How cute was that! I think you all got a good glimpse of the history we have together. As I said before, Eric and I met freshman year in college. We had the name of our first-born picked out before we even graduated (we had him three years later). We didn't really know where life would take us, but we knew we would be together through it all.

Eric has definitely had a blessed career. Since taping the show, a lot has changed. He has not officially retired, however he is "inactive due to a career-ending injury." Meanwhile, he has accepted a position as Studio Analyst with NBA TV. He does a live show on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights. He loves it! I am so proud of him. For the past, I don't know, maybe four to five years I have been prophesizing that I would replace his income by the time he retires. Well I have a little less than a year, and I still am very confident. We joked about him taking the backseat to me (on the season finale), but he really is excited for me and really don't mind chilling out with the boys. The cooking scene with Lisa and I was funny too.

Yes, I do know how to follow a recipe!

I never have been the domestic type ... not in college and not in our early years of marriage. When the opportunity to hire a chef became available, it was no brainer!

WOW!!!! I can't believe that the season has ended already. It is sort of bittersweet. I am so thankful for all of your support and comments. Thank you for making us the No. 1 show on the network. Our lives are forever changed. Please join the Insider's Club on my Web site to find out all of the latest news, and to read my personal blogs. I plan to post answers to the most frequently asked questions during the airing of the show.

Prayerfully, my online store will be live before the reunion special (which will air next Tuesday at 9 p.m.). You will have a chance to own a piece of my brand. Among the many items, I will have my "Shawnee Says" collection. This is a t-shirt line that has various things from the show that I have said that the world had so much to say about (good and bad)!

Please make sure to watch the reunion special. It will be full of DRAMA and you will get answers and clarification to a lot of things.



Demetria: I Have No Beef with Kenya

Demetria McKinney addresses the Roger Bobb situation. When did you and Cynthia originally meet?
Demetria McKinney: Cynthia Bailey and I have been really cool for a couple of years now. We run in similar social circles, and I've always loved her spirit. Did you feel like you and Kenya resolved the issue over her photo with Roger Bobb?
DM: As for me and Kenya…hmm. Just a couple of discrepancies: She didn't know me, but remembered meeting me with Nicci. She has no interest in Roger, but got all gussied up to see him at my event and threw shade galore when he claimed me. OK, girl! LOL! As for the picture, the fact that she was in it wasn't the issue. I've been in a relationship on and off for 8 years, and when the media was loudly connecting him to someone else, I didn't like it. Period. It could've been Strawberry Shortcake, it could've been Whoopi Goldberg. The fact that I was ready to be out about us was the issue. Kenya's picture just happened to be the last straw (speaking of straw, hey NeNe). So, yeah, I have no beef with Kenya. Not worried or bothered, I'm actually looking for opportunities to celebrate each of these women! Was it tough when Roger wasn’t able to make it to your video release party?
DM: My bae, Roger, wasn't able to be there due to WORK! Hallelujah, he is not a kept man! Thank you, Jesus, Roger is a provider not only of what is needed but also a man who will do what has to be done to make his woman's dream come true. We support each other, and if he could've been there, he would've. My heart missed him, my mind knew he missed me. What was your first impression of all the ladies?
DM: My first impressions of the ladies…
Cynthia: Beauty and class doesn't fade
Claudia: She's stupid! LOL!
Kandi: Cool
Phaedra: Wasn't she Bobby Brown's lawyer?
Porsha: ?
Kenya: Bet you won't forget me now! LOL! Were you disappointed that all the ladies left when the video didn’t work? Did you eventually get it to play?
DM: My video didn't play, I was a bit disappointed, but having been in the industry for this long, I know sh-- happens. You roll with the hand given to you, and you learn for the next time. Could the ladies have stayed? Sure. But if they weren't going to offer anything positive, it was probably best that they exited.

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