Jill Zarin

The Real Housewife of NYC talks Kandi's relationship troubles and wonders about Kim's "career."

on Aug 24, 2009

I miss season 1. I feel it was more authentic last year. No one was famous and pretending they weren't. Do you know what I mean? Clearly they have all stepped it up. Better makeup, better hair, better clothes and I have to give it them - great bags! I have a shoe and bag addiction (and a CCC addiction...do any of you have one?) Here we go ... my thoughts as I watched the episode:

Did anyone find it strange that Lisa's mom wanted her to bring a total stranger to visit? I like it more organic, but I realize they have to figure out ways to film the girls together. How adorable are Kim's girls? But please Kim, don't let your kids chew gum. At least not when filming? I love your daughter's personality and enthusiasm. She clearly gets it from you. (I mean that in a good way.) Why does Kim have an assistant? I still have no idea what she does to make a living. Kim has been accused of living off married men's money and denies that. Fine. But what do you do? What does your assistant do?

I think it is very exciting that NeNe is writing a book. Gloria, Lisa and I are writing a book too, Secrets of a Jewish Mother. I know how hard it is and we are writing it ourselves over the summer. In fact my chapter on Education was due to Lisa 3 days ago!

Anyone notice everyone is wearing gold hoop earrings? I can't wait to hear Kandi's music. Oh! How many baby mamas do you have??? I have asked everyone this week. I love saying it!