Jill Zarin

The Real Housewife of NYC shares her thoughts on the second season premiere.

on Jul 30, 2009

Welcome back Atlanta! We missed you and are so happy to have you back in our living room. I thought nothing could get crazier after seeing New Jersey and quite honestly, I thought it was a little boring tonight until Scene 6! Sheree, who would have thought you would have been involved in the first big fight scene? OK - so the way I do it is I watch the show and write down what I am thinking as I watch. I am sorry if this makes no sense to you! But here we go...

Boy, does Dwight know how to make an entrance. He reminds me of Brad in so many ways. I don't mind Silk plants. I actually think they are very practical if you kill plants like I do. I have the best sources for them. If they look fake, that is BAD. I do love real orchids. It only takes me like 2 months to kill those though. Nene, you weren't clear if you bought or rented the house. If you rented, don't waste money on custom drapes. I can get you great ready mades that you can take with you anywhere you move! They just need to be hemmed. You know where to find me!

A lot of boobs this season. I have to admit, I am a little distracted!

Sheree...how could you have no clue that your mortgage wasn't paid? You are supposed to be a sharp business woman. You knew that you had financial issues with your ex. Are you being honest and saying he didn't pay his bills, the house went into foreclosure and you never knew?

Sheree speaks in a very controlled voice. I just want to hear her speak from the heart naturally. Tell your friends to take their hats off in the house.