Kandi Burruss Explains What Really Happened When She Got Kicked Off a Plane

The Real Housewives of Atlanta singer tells her side of the story.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss did finally make it to Hawaii last month after she was kicked off a flight for what she said was "absolutely no reason" along with her husband Todd Tucker.

Now we know more about exactly what happened as part of that bizarre experience, thanks to comments from Kandi herself (video clip above).

"We were sitting there [on the plane] and right before they were about to roll off, the gate agent came on and said, 'Hey, your seat is not showing up. I need this ticket.' I said OK, but our baggage claim ticket was on the back of it, so I was like could you please give us that ticket back because we need that reference number.'"

Seems reasonable enough so far. Kandi continues, "So he leaves, gets off the plane, a while passes. And the plane starts rolling off — no ticket back! So the next [flight attendant] that comes by, we’re like, 'Hey, excuse me, did the guy bring our ticket back? It had our baggage claim number on it.'" He assured them that they'd be fine, but Kandi insisted they wanted to have the document just in case their bags never showed up. The flight attendant assured her he would speak to the pilot about it.

"Next thing I know, we start rolling back to the gate and the lady comes on the plane and says excuse me, Kandi and Todd, we need you guys to get your things and come with me. The pilot said that he wants you guys to get off because you’ve caused this disturbance to hold up the plane."

She describes being shocked. "We were like, what?! They ended up booking us on the next flight, thank goodness, but it was like, 'Why would you kick me off the plane in the first place?' When they sent out their apology, they admitted they had a technical difficulty with the tickets on their end but they said that Todd and I requested to get off the plane and that is not true. Why would I request to get off the plane when my other castmates are on this plane with our production crew? That doesn’t make sense." -Reporting by Jocelyn Vena

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