Kandi Burruss

Kandi talks about the emotional Alter Ego photo shoot and recording 'Tardy' with Kim!

on Sep 29, 2009

Episode #8 Kim's Studio Visit

OK, first let me talk about Sheree's trainer, Cliff. He was hilarious. I've met him plenty of times. He actually trains a few of my friends. It cracked me up to see him doing that routine in the thong!!! He has a great personality and he's a great trainer.

Now, let's get to Kim coming over to record. So there was some misunderstanding. Kim was told that she was coming to my house to listen to the song and I was told that she was coming over to sing. So when I told her it was time to go in the booth and she said, "I'm not wanting to sing" I was thinking, 'What the hell you mean you're not wanting to sing???' I don't have a lot of time to waste, so don't even think about having me do a record for you and then try to back out of singing it. Her confidence was really broken down from last season. I had to really give her a pep talk and boost her confidence back up. It was really hard for her and having the cameras around was not helping the situation. She was nervous and she had to smoke a cigarette to calm down. After she sang and heard herself she broke down in tears. It was so unexpected. I didn't know that it would mean that much to her. Afterwards I was really glad that I did it.

Now when Kim told me that she didn't want NeNe on the song, it wasn't a real big shocker for me because they were having issues anyway. That's between them. I don't really care if it's one or both of them on the song.

As for the alter ego party, I really hate that Kim got hurt, but I don't feel like we should have moved the whole party outside just for her. That was a bit much. All the photos turned out great! Kudos to Derek Blanks!

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