Kandi Burruss

Kandi talks Sheree and Kim's showdown, Dwight's birthday bash, and lunching with T-Boz!

on Aug 18, 2009

Hmmm ... Episode 3. Where do I start? Well I guess I'll take the Kim and Sheree fight first. Like I said last week, I don't get why it's such a big deal about the 'he said she said' on Kim's behalf when they all say things that aren't cool at one time or another. It just seems as though when Kim says or does something that isn't cool everybody gets extra angry. I assume I won't understand it until she does something to me, which I hope doesn't happen. Although I like Kim, I do have to say this: When you're having an argument with another woman, especially a black woman, IT'S NOT SMART TO PUT YOUR FINGER IN THEIR FACE AND CALL THEM A BITCH (especially in a heated argument). That's just a little food for thought. LOL ... I mean really, I'm not promoting violence or anything, and I understand that fighting amongst women is not classy. But screaming and pointing in someone's face and calling them a bitch while in a public place isn't classy either. Okay, I'm done with that one.

Meeting Dwight for the first time was an experience. He caught me off guard with the boob grab. I was already feeling self conscience about my boobs that night trying to make sure that they were sitting right in that bra. And I guess I'll go ahead and have a T.M.I. moment with ya'll. My boobs aren't that big. So to give them an added boost that night, I put my Victoria Secret inserts in my bra to give me some extra Va-Va-Va-Voom going on. Can you imagine if one of those things popped out while he was doing his inspection of me???!!! I would have been too embarrassed! Speaking of the head to toe inspection he gave me. Does he do that to everybody? And would he have clowned me if something I had on or my feet weren't right??? Probably so ... LOL.