Kim Zolciak

Kim revealed the inspiration behind her dance anthem!

on Sep 17, 2009


What was the inspiration behind your single, ''Tardy for the Party''?
Kim Zolciak: The inspiration behind ''Tardy for the Party'' was first and foremost my daughter Brielle. She co-wrote the original lyrics when she was nine years old. The song was fun and catchy. Kandi [Burruss] changed the melody and turned the song into a dance anthem.


How did the idea for the single originate?
Zolciak: Brielle wrote the original lyrics years ago. The song was catchy and fun. After all the heat I got last year and all the humiliation I experienced, I wanted to face my fears and try singing again. I didn't realize until I had to go back into the studio just how emotional it would be. I had Kandi's constant encouragement and expertise, which helped make the experience so enjoyable. It was a moment I will never forget.