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Don't Be Tardy to Kim's Party

Kim revealed the inspiration behind her dance anthem!


What was the inspiration behind your single, ''Tardy for the Party''?
Kim Zolciak: The inspiration behind ''Tardy for the Party'' was first and foremost my daughter Brielle. She co-wrote the original lyrics when she was nine years old. The song was fun and catchy. Kandi [Burruss] changed the melody and turned the song into a dance anthem.


How did the idea for the single originate?
Zolciak: Brielle wrote the original lyrics years ago. The song was catchy and fun. After all the heat I got last year and all the humiliation I experienced, I wanted to face my fears and try singing again. I didn't realize until I had to go back into the studio just how emotional it would be. I had Kandi's constant encouragement and expertise, which helped make the experience so enjoyable. It was a moment I will never forget.


What do you think of and other online publications that are comparing your song to Madonna's new single "Celebration"?
Zolciak: A lot of my inspiration came from Madonna and Lady Gaga. It seems like everyone is comparing my song to my two favorite artists, which is a huge honor.

How are fans reacting to the single?
Zolciak: Well, I made the top 10 on the iTunes dance chart in 24 hours and was number 2 on the ringtones chart. I was overjoyed and completely shocked. I simply wanted the song out there for people to hear. I didn't think the song would turn into the hit it has become. When I walk into a club and my song is playing, I look around and see everyone dancing to it and it gives me a feeling I simply can't explain. The two listening parties I had in L.A. and Atlanta were incredibly successful. I am incredibly grateful to Brielle, Kandi, Don Vito, Salasi and Jonathan for their time, their effort and their constant encouragement. I also want to thank the many thousands of people who have downloaded the track. Dreams do come true. Ask, believe and receive. Thank you!