Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak sets the record straight about her singing and her hair.

on Nov 25, 2008

I first want to say how emotional that day was when we filmed the reunion show; I was mortified. I don't see the point in yelling, screaming, and threatening someone. We are all grown women -- there is absolutely no need for that. I finally lost my cool and felt as though I had to defend myself. I have nothing to hide. I believe when you do you naturally become defensive. Keep that in mind.

NeNe, well what can I say? I don't feel the need to say hurtful comments true or not to someone and try to bring them down. There is NO good that can come out of that, nothing positive. NeNe and I have since moved past all that happened before, during and after the show. And sooner than later we will have that glass of wine. LOL.

Lisa: For Lisa to insinuate I lied about something as serious as cancer is disgusting. I met Lisa when I started filming this show in the spring. She didn't know me three years ago to even make that statement. I would NEVER EVER joke, kid, or use cancer as an excuse. I have a very close family member whom I love dearly, my uncle John, who I almost lost two years ago to cancer; it was devastating to me. Cancer is a serious subject, one many battle daily. By the grace of God my test results proved negative and I battled other things. Today I am healthy, happy, and oh so very thankful to be here.

When Andy Cohen asked me who told me about NeNe singing in the limo and I said Lisa, she freaked. She DID tell me, but rather than admit it she passed blame on me, screaming "You are a habitual liar, etc, etc." A liar I am not! I am big on integrity; all you have is your word. She continued to attack me never getting to the bottom of the question. I even had phone bills to prove I spoke with her that day. She yelled and screamed so much that she didn't have to accept the responsibility of her actions. I never really did see it to be a big deal to be honest that she did tell me but to her it was.