Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak defends her comments on DeShawn's BBQ.

on Nov 13, 2008

WOW! Again, another great episode. Let's start with the boat. I had a blast hanging with my girlfriends Sheree, Allison, and my BFF Cori. I was really trusting my life with Cori driving. She did great!! God answered my prayers and kept me safe that day. Let me tell what you didn't see... I tell Cori, "Hurry! Dock this boat!!! I am a nervous wreck! First island you see, you better stop." She does, but let me tell you how... She pressed the gas sooo hard and we go flying up on the sand. It was hilarious. However, we had to leave the island because it was so windy.

We all went back to the dock and hung out for hours talking and my life was forever changed that day. Stay tuned to see why.

About Deshawn's barbecue.... Due to what I found out on the boat I opted to not attend Deshawn's barbecue. I am not going to sit around and pretend that Nene didn't hurt my feelings or embarrass me like did, i.e. singing in the limo. Was that footage entertaining? YES!!!! Was it at my expense? YES!!!! Nene has never heard me sing to make such accusations and my album will speak for itself (the footage of me singing in the studio with Dallas is HILARIOUS, great TV). Obviously, Dallas and I are friends as he has been to my house several times as you saw. Nene states in the limo, "I am pretending to be with Dallas." Give me a break!