Lisa Wu Hartwell

Lisa Wu Hartwell makes amends.

on Nov 25, 2008

The song in the limo? Here we go again ... I discussed the song with someone that I thought was a friend (Sheree). I was not friends with any of these women. Sheree and Kim weren't hanging at the time. Sheree told me when she mentioned it to Kim, kim already knew about the song. Later down the line, Sheree denies ever telling me that Kim already knew. Imagine that. A lie straight to my face. How do these people sleep at night? They both came up with a plan (let's just say Lisa told you). I was never close to Kim. I already admitted discussing the song with Sheree but I will not allow them to make it appear I created this mess. They had drama before I stepped foot on this set. I am not afraid of any of the women. If I told Kim, I would admit to telling Kim. It's crazy how much some of these women lie. I trusted the wrong woman with details of my evening. I apologize to NeNe for discussing the event; it was never my intention to stir up the drama.

It has been a ride to say the least! There has been some fun moments, but my eyes have been opened. Thank you for all of the support.

Happy Holidays!

Be Blessed, Lisa