Cast Blog: #RHOA

Conspiracy Theory

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Demetria Responds to the Rumors

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Cynthia's "Non-Conversation" with NeNe

NeNe: The Pit Bull Act is Not a Good Look

Kenya: If It Looks Like a Fraud...

Phaedra: "I Moved Past This Years Ago"

Conspiracy Theory

Lisa Wu Hartwell discusses the night in the limo.

This episode was a little hard for me to watch. I was embarrassed and covering my eyes watching myself pole-dance. I think it's great exercise and it was fun, but to watch myself doing it was pure torture. See, businesswomen can have fun too! On another note? Nene and I have grown to become close friends and there is a lot more to her than just drama. She is a fun person that says what she feels. I didn't know that everything she says, she has already said it to them (a woman after my own heart). I stand by. "Whatever I've said, you've heard it from me first." I believe if you have an issue with someone address it and move on. Anything else is not worth my time and is simply unproductive.

The song? It amazes me how many times this story has changed. I did discuss the song with Sheree. How Kim found out is still a puzzle to me. I was told that Kim found out by someone that was in the limo that the viewers couldn't see. I've heard several stories, (including I was the one to tell Kim). Get a load of that! There is a bunch of lies floating around but it is simply not worth my time. I am not used to this petty stuff! However, some people will do anything to avoid the heat or to tarnish someone else's reputation. Conspiracy? Maybe. Too much wasted energy? Definitely. Enjoy the next few episodes and please spend your time wisely.