NeNe Leakes

NeNe talks about her relationship with Kim, Kandi's singing, and her visit home with Lisa!

on Aug 28, 2009

Me and Lisa in Cali
It was nice of Lisa to invite me out to meet her family. They welcome me with open arms. Lisa and I decided to shop and drink my new cocktail this season, a MISS THANG! A margarita with a splash of OJ! I really felt emotional when I saw Lisa visit the cemetery where her brother was buried.

At the hotel
Wouldn't you know it! Lisa and I bumped into this gay guy and totally hung out with him at the hotel. I for sure have a gay magnet. Gay men and I get alone so well and yes, Michael (the gay man at the hotel) and I still keep in touch!

Kim and Kandi at lunch
I thought Kim and I were cool at that point, but I see I was the topic of their conversation. It's funny how I stay on these girls mine.


PS: Jealousy and hate is not in my heart. I am and will continue to be the strong, fun loving, tell it like it is person you enjoy watching every week! I love my fans!