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NeNe talks about her relationship with Kim, Kandi's singing, and her visit home with Lisa!


Thanks to all of you who went out and purchased my book Never Make the Same Mistake Twice! The book tour has me really busy and I haven't been able to blog so I have a few things to touch on briefly from last week's episode.

Kim and I have never been as close as the show portrayed us to be. So whomever Kim decides to befriend is NOT a problem for me. I know who my true friends are!

King Tut
I had only been around Kandi one time prior to her coming to King Tut. I'm a very fun and outgoing person and was trying to be a gracious host for an event I put together. From the moment Kandi entered the room, she was giving me nasty looks, which continued throughout the night. I had no clue as to why or where this was coming from. I'm a strong woman so for women who LACK STRENGTH I can be INTIMIDATING!

Kandi's singing
It always tickles me how people change things around! I don't walk around giving my opinion. I was asked what I thought about her singing. I CLEARLY said that she didn't blow me away, she sounded alright! How that got changed into she couldn't sing, I have no clue. I just love it when somebody ask you your opinion, you give it to them then they get mad and call u a hater because you didn't give them the answer they wanted to hear.

Me and Lisa in Cali
It was nice of Lisa to invite me out to meet her family. They welcome me with open arms. Lisa and I decided to shop and drink my new cocktail this season, a MISS THANG! A margarita with a splash of OJ! I really felt emotional when I saw Lisa visit the cemetery where her brother was buried.

At the hotel
Wouldn't you know it! Lisa and I bumped into this gay guy and totally hung out with him at the hotel. I for sure have a gay magnet. Gay men and I get alone so well and yes, Michael (the gay man at the hotel) and I still keep in touch!

Kim and Kandi at lunch
I thought Kim and I were cool at that point, but I see I was the topic of their conversation. It's funny how I stay on these girls mine.


PS: Jealousy and hate is not in my heart. I am and will continue to be the strong, fun loving, tell it like it is person you enjoy watching every week! I love my fans!

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