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Never Make the Same Mistake Twice

NeNe talks about her confrontation with Kim, Dwight's wild party, and her book release!

Wow! This has been a busy week for me. Yes, I am author NeNe Leakes! I released my memoir Never Make the Same Mistake Twice across the country earlier this week.

The ladies and I met at FAB to discuss issues we've been having with each other and to try to get ourselves in a better place. One of the issues that came up was that Kim had said my husband was BROKE! Funny coming from somebody who doesn't have a job! But if I laid on my back all day, I would be rich too! Let's be very clear, Kim knows none of my husband's personal business or mine.

FYI: If my husband loses everything today, I will personally take care of him because he has provided for our family and me for years!

Sheree's house: The TWIG of a friend Sheree had over was rude and out of line! We were having a good time and I was simply trying to pay her a compliment. I decided that it was Sheree's home so I would just keep the peace and not let Miss 'I Need A Sandwich' get the fame she was searching for.

Dwight's party was fun and different from any other party I've ever been to. We had a ball that night and I must say, Dwight looks damn good for his age!

I love my fans!