Richard Blais

Richard Blais reflects on the season and tells you where to eat in the ATL.

on Nov 18, 2008

Greetings from 35,000 ft., where I'm riding the middle seat on a packed flight from Atlanta to San Francisco. In popular street slang, this seat is often referred to as riding bitch.

My wife does not let me use that word. So to many, that would make me a bitch. NeNe throws this word around like Lew Zealand throws around mackerel. Yes, that's a rather obscure reference to an old school Muppets character, and I hope one person just spit out their coffee.

Where am I going with this?

Well, I'm going to the heart of what this show is about.

Housewives allows us to cast judgement, with minimal fact, about what's right and wrong in relationships. It lets us validate our own family values and virtually stone those who don't follow our own beliefs. We steal a peek into what should be a fabulously easy life; in contrast we find our own lives are good, and that money, and maybe even success, doesn't equal happiness.

The finale gave us one last chance to see if these women are more than just train wrecks and for the most part we saw some good from those who we have been so harsh on.

NeNe decides to move on from her DNA test shocker and we see nothing more than a happy family, just like the beginning of the show. Bryce graduates and gets a car. Well deserved. I'm sure there will be those that think that's spoiling the kid, but it's their family values, not ours. Greg plays the role of Kissinger ( I would have said Jesse Jackson, but don't want anyone calling me a racist over this blog... again) and squashes the Kim-NeNe war. Or at least we are led to believe. Sources tell me the reunion show is Springer-esque. And we are left with feeling a bit sad for NeNe as she was clearly upset about the situation with Kim. But we know she will go on.