Richard Blais

Richard Blais has some words for the wives, and his take on guacamole.

on Nov 4, 2008

By far the most entertaining episode yet.

I've been amused all the way through, but this one left my jaw dropped. K- A-T... I thought I heard it, so I played it again. And then again. I looked for a smile to see if it was a joke. Sly wit? No way. Kim spelled cat wrong.

A new low for the RH series.

NeNe dealing with the math problem. Stumped... syntax error. I could smell the burning wire as much as I can imagine what Kim smells like (expensive perfume, cigarettes, and leather). I won't be putting those things in my little smoker!

BTW, off topic, Florida beat the bejesus out of the Georgia Bulldogs this week. =Go Gators!

As a guy, there were a few moments tonight where you could feel the embarrassment from the husbands. Sideways looks, nudges under the table, rubbing of the temples. All in all, my wife and I realized that the husbands of the Real Housewives always come off pretty well. All of them, in all the editions. OK, maybe Simon in NY came across a little bit too much as "one of the girls." However, the guys seem to know how to handle themselves on the television screen. Supportive, sympathetic, and silent!

The scene at Rosa Mexicano, besides the KAT incident, revealed (to everyone's surprise) that Kim registers an absolute zero, maybe even a negative number on the food knowledge scale. I felt bad for avocados everywhere as Kim designated them as garbage. I, personally, don't discriminate when it comes to flavor. Kim hates avocados. Although I'm sure she doesn't know that guacamole contains avocados. She cussed through the table side preparation as if personally insulted. She describes it as an experience in itself.

It was an absolute intriguing experience for me. Anytime a chef can be a fly on the wall with the diner, it's like game film.