Richard Blais

Atlanta native Richard Blais gives his first take on the Housewives.

on Oct 8, 2008

I thought I would hate it, but now I get it. I get the whole Housewives thing. Be prepared for an infinite roll out of these, it just makes sense. Every city will offer something totally new - it's actually genius from a creative aspect. There was a part of me that really wanted to hate on this. But I didn't, I couldn't. The Real Housewives of Atlanta, seems to fall right in line with the rest of the Housewives series. A small glimpse into a few families, nothing like your own, or I'm sure to some, exactly like your own. No, wait, that can't be correct.

I'm sure some of you want to know why I am writing recaps about The RHW-ATL. The reason is that I've lived in Atlanta for a number of years and I'm admittedly a fan of all the previous Housewives series. I was also on this show called Top Chef. So, I'm perfect for it, no?

So we begin with the standard introductions, and find out surprisingly enough that most of the HW's have big houses, big checkbooks, and big booty's. All pretty standard for the series, with maybe the exception of the booty part. What is not typical of the show is that 3 of the girls are in relationships, or were in relationships with professional athletes!