Shamea Morton Had the Most Cringeworthy Time Getting Ready for the RHOA Reunion

"I was like, is this a sign of how today is gonna be? If so, I don't want to do it!" the #RHOA pal said.

It doesn't look like this season's Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion was easy for anyone. But the problems for Shamea Morton began way before she joined the Georgia Peaches in their sit-down with Andy Cohen, which we'll see Sunday at 8/7c. 

As the RHOA pal prepared for the big day, she had a nightmarish experience while she was getting her legs reunion ready with a depilatory to remove hair. "I put it all over my legs. You're not supposed to let it stay on longer than 10 minutes. It's like five, six minutes, and they're like, 'Don't rub it in, just place it and then rinse off.' So I place it all over my legs," Shamea described to The Daily Dish before she sat down for the reunion. "So I'm packing my bag, walking around, and I have hefty thighs, and they scrubbed a little bit. I didn't realize my thighs are scrubbing the Nair in."

And what came next is guaranteed to make you cringe. "Holy moly, Toledo! I got in the shower to rinse my legs, I feel like the skin on the inner thigh was coming off [because it was so painful]," Shamea exclaimed. "I was like, is this a sign of how today is gonna be? If so, I don't want to do it!" 

Well, things for Shamea could only go up from there at the reunion, right? Take a peek at when Shamea joins the other RHOA ladies, below.

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— Reporting by Andrew Hermann

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