Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield defends She by Sheree.

on Nov 12, 2008

I had a wonderful and productive week. I want to thank all of you who have been supportive of me and my endeavors and for the numerous positive emails I receive daily. I would also like to say hello to the women of Delowe Village, whom I had the pleasure of speaking with on Tuesday regarding Health and Fitness. You ladies are great. Continue to believe in yourselves and strive for the best.

Now on to the show...

The boat trip with Kim, Cori, and Allison was a lot of fun and very relaxing... until the sand storm hit. Omg, it was sooo windy that we decided to head back. Once there, we docked and talked and laughed for hours. So much was revealed on that boat.

Designing my own fashion line has been a passion of mind since I was child. I am so elated to finally be able to pursue my dreams without anyone holding me back.

I decided to reveal She by Sheree to the world by hosting a viewing. The viewing was held to start branding the name She by Sheree, and also to let everyone know that She by Sheree is coming soon.

Can I say that everything that could possibly go wrong did! The most important issue was my samples. The quality of my samples was horrific - they were very poorly constructed. It was very unprofessional and tacky for the seamstress to leave the samples on my doorstep in the manner and condition in which they were left. She was unreachable by telephone to discuss the quality of her work or to explain to me what happened. At that point, I made a conscious decision not to preview something that was so awful and carelessly put together. The samples were not a good representation of who I am or what my line is about. I like things to have order and I like to do things grand. I put too much time and energy along with my girlfriend Francheska (whom worked very hard, diligently and patiently on this project with me) and Jamahl King into making this viewing a great event, and that it was!