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I Love New York

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I Love New York

Sheree on meeting Wendy Williams and Tyra Banks, and why she's not apologizing for the way she lives her life.

I want to apologize for not blogging last week. It was a crazy busy week for me. Aside from working diligently on my fashion line, the cast, with the exception of DeShawn flew to NY to do press. It was very exciting. As some of you may know, we sat and chatted with Andy Cohen, we also went on Wendy Williams (Omg, she was so cool. Hey Wendy!),, Extra, Associated Press and TYRA. Yes Tyra! It was so much fun. Everyone showed a lot of love and was extremely positive. I love NY. I love the hustle and bustle of it. NY has always been a favorite place of mine but, it's always great to be back home to relax.

This week was great. Lisa and Ed are adorable. The have a wonderful relationship. The love they have for one another is genuine. I missed Lisa's jewelry event due to the fact my youngest daughter's drama class had an opportunity to perform in Orlando at Disney World. It poured there, but through the rain they had an absolutely wonderful performance. Lisa's event appeared to have been a huge success. You GO!!!!! Kim was a doll for bringing me medicine when I was sick. She rocks. I so enjoyed the day at the spa with the girls. I'm so happy I went. I really needed to relax. I'm just getting to know Kim and so far I like her. My friendships are based on my experiences with people. I don't get into what someone may say or think of someone else; I don't prejudge. I make my own assessment. I don't have a problem with my friends befriending whomever they want, as long as they are loyal to me and respect our friendship. We are no longer in middle school. "We are grown *ss women."

DeShawn, my heart goes out to you. You had such great intentions, it was just very unorganized. You didn't have the outcome you were looking for, but you definitely have touched some hearts. Learn from your mistakes, as we all should. Keep your head up.

Now, I'm going to address some of the comments on my blog as well as give a little more info on who I am. Where do I begin??????? Wow, you guys have some very strong opinions!!!! Ha!

First, I want to thank all of you who have shown much love and support. It means a lot to me. The numerous positive e-mails I receive is just awesome. I love, love, love positive people! Check out my MySpace at and look at my post regarding the people I would like to meet! If I can inspire someone, anyone to believe in themselves, to dream big and not to limit themselves, then I have done a great service. Can I please everyone? NO! And boy oh boy am I NOT trying to. If I tried, there would be very little time for my children and myself!

For those of you who choose to judge me or comment with negative, nasty, ridiculous comments, "I pray for you!" Who are you to cast judgment on me or anyone else ... NOT YOUR JOB! It's fascinating to me how well you guys think you know me. When in fact, you have only viewed approximately 35-45 minutes of my life. The show has chosen to focus on the most provocative aspects of what went on during months of taping. I'm sure if you had cameras follow you for months, there would be aspects of your personality that wouldn't cast you in the most favorable light either. As of now, only one facet of my personality is being shown. Hey, it is what it is! Am I this way 24 hours a day? NO. I'm like a diamond -- I'm multi-faceted. There are many sides to me, which again as of now are unknown to the viewers. I am loving, driven, compassionate, fun, real, and loyal. I'm a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a businesswoman as well as a friend, who also bleeds when she's cut. If my confidence is mistaken for arrogance, then that is unfortunate. As a woman and African American, the only way I have gotten as far as I have is because I have not let others define me. Like my girl Jill Scott said "I'm living my life like it's golden."

If my self confidence and self assurance upset some people, there's really nothing I can do about it. I feel too many women today have either lost themselves in someone or something and therefore are clueless upon their self worth. It's taken time, many mistakes and broken hearts for me and now I am on my way. If you can't love yourself first, then you cannot love anyone else? On my kids, I am a loving mother of three and have never claimed to be anything else. I am extremely active in my kids' lives. Always have been, always will be. My kids are great. They are smart, well-mannered, respectful, fun, loving, creative, athletic, and talented kids with great morals and values. Maybe there wasn't enough time in the show to highlight that aspect of our lives, thus far. But hopefully they will.

My spending. This show was taped almost a year ago when the economy wasn't as bad. Am I spending as much as I was then? NO. I love nice things, but is that all I do? NO. I own things, things don't own me. I am a Capricorn and a Capricorn at heart ... we know and believe in the power of reserving because nothing, I mean absolutely nothing is promised!

On my divorce, there are lots of comments on if I should get this or that. My kids and I have been extremely blessed thus far and hopefully whatever the outcome, we'll be OK.

On does she work? Honey, honestly it doesn't feel like it! I am a designer -- my ultimate goal is building a brand that I can pass down for generations and generations. I am also a newly-certified fitness instructor as well. I am working on a workout DVD. Aside from my family and friends, these are two of my strongest passions -- fashion and fitness. If I can make a living doing a few things I love, why not! There's an old Chinese proverb that says "Find a job that you love and never work a day in your life." Fashion has been a love of mine since early childhood. So, I am loving every minute of it!

Lastly, on giving back, I do give back to the community. Does it need to be bragged about or discussed? I choose not to. I have been blessed in my lifetime to be able to and want to give back, be it time, a monetary donation, or a service. I really enjoyed this!!! Keep the comments coming. Trust me, they are duly noted. I honestly really do appreciate all of them good or bad. The good gives me hope, the bad just makes me stronger. Until next week. Feel free to visit me at for more discussions.

Cynthia: "I Pray We Can Make Peace"

Cynthia Bailey dishes on the make up with NeNe Leakes as well as her runway walk at Fashion Week. 

Thanks for tuning in to another episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Let's jump right on in.

Once I had the opportunity to speak at the dinner table, my only issue was respect, or me feeling the lack thereof. I did not feel like the respect that I had for NeNe and her husband was being reciprocated. She has called my husband out of his name too many times to count, and still continues to do so. Until this day, I have never disrespected her husband. I believe in boundaries, and even in anger certain lines should never be crossed. There is an unspoken trust and confidentiality between friends regardless of the state of the relationship. If I felt like I could have called NeNe, and had my feelings and concerns met with an open mind and an open heart, I would have. However, we stopped communicating months before we filmed the reunion; therefore a one-on-one sit down wasn't an option. Honesty between friends should always be appreciated, especially when it's coming from a loving place. Friends applaud each other's triumphs, and check each other when they are wrong. As grown, successful, and professional women, I pray we can make peace through forgiveness of each other's faults, and can arrive at a true place of support and respect for each other. I am moving forward in grace.


The only thing I love more than New York is New York Fashion Week! I was so excited to walk alongside two of my models from The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, Nisaa Pouncey and Chelsea Lee, in my longtime friend Kithe Brewster's Fashion show. The girls exceeded my expectations and gave me confirmation that my little school that I opened just four years ago was indeed making dreams come true! I was also asked by one of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson, to walk in her show as well! As a woman who embraces her age, I was proud to represent the older and curvier woman during Fashion Week. Although it has always been the industry standard to use mostly younger, thinner models, I applaud designers like Betsey Johnson and Kithe Brewster for showing some "real women" on the runway as well. I hope that this is a trend, and in the future others designers follow suit. I was so excited to have Peter, Kenya, Kandi, Todd, and Noelle's dad, Leon, in New York to support me (and my big butt)!

To see more of Kithe's fashions, follow him on Instagram/Twitter @kithebrewster (


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