Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield addresses some misconceptions, and talks about meeting Michael Knight.

on Nov 19, 2008

However, another huge misconception, which seemed to be the core of the problem between NeNe and Kim, was that I told Kim about the details of NeNe's song. WRONG! Call me a lot of things, but a liar I am NOT. Stay tuned for the reunion for that.

Kaleigh's report card was amazing, but it always is. My kids are such hard workers, very smart, compassionate, intelligent, honest, talented, creative, athletic, respectful (I could go on and on.) I have instilled in them great morals and values, which will take them very far in life. I love them dearly and I am extremely proud of them. They ROCK! And they are my ROCK!

Taking my kids to the Georgia Aquarium was a lot of fun. The kids loved it. I'm glad we invited Kim and the girls. Our kids always have a good time together. If any of the readers are ever in Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium is a must see!

It was great to meet with Michael Knight. He was able to answer a few of my questions and concerns. Since then, I have moved on to really focus and deliver this baby, She by Sheree. My family, friends and She by Sheree are my priorities right now. This is my passion, along with health and fitness, and all I can say is that I have been extremely blessed to be working on things I love, admire and truly believe in. Look for She by Sheree to be in stores Fall of 2009. I am also working on a fitness video, as well as a tee-shirt line that will be available within the next two weeks on I also hope to continue mentoring and speaking to women and young girls on the importance of health and fitness.

Again, I want to thank all you who have inquired about my line. I will not disappoint!

xoxo, Sheree

"I do my best at being me"