Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield gives you behind-the-scenes Reunion scoop.

on Dec 1, 2008

The set of the reunion show was sooo beautiful! We taped for over four hours, but it was narrowed down to one. So of course there were a few key things that I felt were important that were left out.

Let's start with Lisa.

What you guys saw was the milder version of the Kim/Lisa fiasco.

Well, let's go back a few months .... When Lisa called me and told me about the song, I never mentioned anything to Kim until we were on the boat. There Kim began to tell me all the negative things that NeNe had said about me and how bad she felt for joining in. Kim, also, said she heard NeNe was talking shit about her. I said, "Don't worry about it, she talks about everybody." I then said, "Did you hear about the song?" Kim then said, "What was it about?" I said, "I don't remember all the details because I wasn't there." She asked me who told me, I said Lisa. So Kim said to get Lisa on the phone. We called Lisa and put her on speaker phone, so that Corey, Kim, Allison, and myself all could speak/hear her. Lisa said she couldn't join us because she was headed to paintball with her family. So Kim asked her about the song, and Lisa began to tell verbatim what was shown, as well as everything that was not shown, that NeNe was singing/saying about her. After a while her phone cut out. Lisa then called me back from her husband's phone and continued the conversation. Up until a few days before the reunion, Lisa swore she never spoke to us period while we were on the boat. Then SUDDENLY Lisa said she remembered talking to us on the boat but she said the conversation only lasted under 30 seconds in which she told us she could not attend.