Something Gross Happened to Kandi Burruss and Amber Rose on an Airplane

And they weren't even in coach.

You never know who your seatmate might be! The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kandi Burruss shared an Instagram video announcing, "Look who I ran into!" She panned the camera to reveal a flashy-sunglass-clad Amber Rose just to her right in a fancy upper-class cabin. Amber's on her way to speak at Syracuse U.

Taking off with @amberrose

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Well, despite the lively company, the flight — despite the posh accommodations — did not get of to a great start.

"I have been having the craziest plane experiences lately," Kandi captioned her Instagram video — likely referring to her earlier experience of getting kicked off a Hawaii-bound airplane "for absolutely no reason."

She continued, "A bug crawled from @amberrose's seat & she flicked it in my direction! it didn't hit me but we can't find it so we're scared to sleep on this flight..."

On the video, Amber playfully swears she didn't flick the bug on Kandi, as Kandi alleged. Meanwhile in the comments, people hoped the ladies wouldn't be exposed to bed bugs or head lice. 

Let's hope not!

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