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Kenya Moore dishes on being a foodie and Cynthia's walk. Were you glad you let NeNe and Cynthia have their discussion alone?
Kenya Moore: Sometimes the women in this group have a tendency to get loud and obnoxious and "perform" when they have an audience and are being confronted. It's always more prudent to talk one-on-one. My only hope is that they can learn from their mistakes and be better friends to each other and even better to themselves. What inspired you and Claudia to take that cooking class?
KM: Claudia and I always have fun no matter what we do. We've hung out in Las Vegas, at amusement parks, clubs -- we always have a good time. We took the class to learn how to cook southern food. We are both good cooks, but I'm always open to learning new recipes. Speaking of recipes, that dessert was insanely delicious. Couldn't you tell by my reaction? I'm a true foodie and desserts are my weakness. I don't know if it was the bourbon in the sauce, the roasted peaches with homemade whipped cream, or the biscuits made from scratch, but it was orgasmic! What did you think of Cynthia’s runway walk?
Prior to joining the show, I've only seen Cynthia as a model. Although we have never modeled together, we have a lot of mutual model friends. When she came out she looked stunning! She commanded the runway, and I know it had to feel good to be 47 and still turning heads. Werk!

Stay tuned for this week's show where Demetria McKinney makes her interesting debut. Will she get read or read me? Since I'm the Queen of Shade I think you know the answer to that one!

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