Kandi: I Totally Understood Shamea's Point of View

Kandi Burruss weighs in on Porsha Williams' conflict with Shamea Morton.

BravoTV.com: What's your relationship with Shamea like?
Kandi Burruss: Shamea and I are cool! We get along very well, and she’s fun to be around.

BravoTV.com: What was it like helping Sheree rehearse her talk with the kids?
I knew this was a tough subject for Sheree to deal with, and I did my best to help. I was happy that she felt comfortable including me on such a personal matter.

BravoTV.com: Were you surprised to hear that Porsha wasn't going to Shamea's wedding?
Yes, at first I was. That’s not what I would expect from a childhood best friend. Especially because I thought she wanted to fix their friendship. But I guess she didn’t really care to fix it...

BravoTV.com: What went through your mind watching Porsha and Shamea's confrontation?
I didn’t see why Porsha wasn’t understanding where Shamea was coming from. I totally understood Shamea’s point of view.

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