Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia shares her favorite Twitter comments and the girls' weekend disaster. 

on Jan 26, 2011

Things that made my Twitter followers giggle, cringe, or just left them confused: 

1. Twitter sum 1913: When Phaedra said, "My mama said don't nobody know when you are hungry, but everybody knows when you are homeless." 

CB: I have never been homeless, but when I'm hungry, I make sure everyone knows.

2. Twitter lelewezzy: When NeNe said to Kim, "Wig! Wig! Bye, wig! Gone with your wig. Bye Wig!"

CB: Classic, there are no other words. 

3. Twitter supastar219: When Phaedra said that you looked like a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese.

CB: Well, maybe next time you can be the swimsuit model, and I can sit in the audience. Mmmmm Hmmmm.

4. Twitter 1pur3_warrior: The craziest was NeNe going hard on Kim... "Break your legs and pop your eyes out!"

CB:  Um, maybe Kim should sign a friend contract with NeNe. Just to be on the safe side.

5. Twitter Blaquemagus: Kim said Phaedra was an entertainment attorney. Adult entertainment rofl!!!!!

CB: Southern belles have to pay the bills like everybody else.

6. Twitter babildoll511: My cringe moment was when you checked your messages at the table, and then started crying.

CB: Yes, I'm still cringing.

7. Twitter Unforgetable83: NeNe going in on Kim when NeNe's friend Diana showed up. "Watch those B words!" ahahaha

CB: I secretly wanted more people to just keep showing up, just for the fun of it.

8. Twitter Khrissichris: Ur cat walk and everyones reaction was priceless. Also Lawrence freakin hilarious screaming, "You betta werk Cynthia!"

CB: Never met a queen who couldn't appreciate a fierce runway show.

9. Twitter cynthiabailey10: Shreee calling me an ungrateful b----!  

CB: I'm very grateful that I have enough class and strength to just leave that alone.

10. Twitter cynthiabailey10: Fly above the haters? I would need a rocket ship to do that on RHOA.

CB: What time do we start boarding?