Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia shares her favorite Twitter comments and the girls' weekend disaster. 

on Jan 26, 2011

Lord have mercy! Where do I even start? First, I apologize for my blog being late. I really do try to have it up every week on time. Also, thank you to all my Twitter fans for helping me with my moments this week. You guys have been so supportive. 

Let's go! Honestly, outside of the stripper party and my fashion show, Miami was not the trip that I thought it would be. It was five days before the wedding, and I was very tired and stressed out. All I wanted to do was lay out by that beautiful pool, read, relax, and chill with the girls. Unfortunately, none of that happened. I really tried to bring my game face and have fun in Miami with the girls, but there was just too much backstabbing and negativity. The whole tour bus thing really put a damper on the weekend. I just don't have the energy to even discuss the bus drama, but it was unfortunate for all that were involved.

Moving on. What was up with all love and support in my face, and then judging me so harshly behind my back? These ladies (yes, I said ladies), were not in Miami in support of me. Not in a way that friends show love and support. Let's just clear that up. This whole season, I really tried not to judge these ladies too harshly on the things that were really important to them, and they all know what those things are. The same respect would have been nice. However, I do feel in my heart that some of the girls did have compassion for my situation, (only they know who they are), and I appreciate the cast mates who reached out to me when the cameras were not rolling. It meant a lot.

Moving forward, next week is the wedding episode, as well as the finale. I am truly overwhelmed just thinking about it. I can't really get into the wedding (don't want to give anything away), but please know that our God is a wonderful God. On the days that I could not find the strength to walk, he carried me.       


Cynthia Bailey and Ms. Cindi B

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