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Cynthia's Social Network

Cynthia talks about hosting the ladies for Mother's Day and selects her favorite parts of the episode.


A social network is a social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called "nodes," which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as: friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, relationships of beliefs, knowledge, or prestige.

I love MOTHERS' DAY! It's the one day that we (the super moms of the world) get recognized for all the many wonderful things that we do for our children. It is also the day that we show appreciation for the women that brought us into the world, our own mothers. One of the great things that I share in common with my cast mates is being a mother. No matter how much we may agree or disagree, I think we all can connect with each other as mommies. So I decided to throw a Mothers' Day brunch in honor of us, and you can only imagine my excitement when all the ladies (with the exception of Kim, her daughter was ill) confirmed. I was truly touched that such a fabulous group of social butterflies cleared their schedules to allow me to host them in my home. I knew that if they were giving up their special day for me (as I'm sure other invites were extended), I had to make sure that a good time was had by all.

Rewind back to the definition of social network. Well, I recently saw the movie "The Social Network" (stay with me guys, you know I tend to jump all over the place with my blog), and it got me thinking about my own social network. My whole life has always been composed of variety of social agendas and social extracurricular activities ranging from invites to attend the Oscars to running around like a crazy woman to find a last minute gift for a 10-year old birthday party. I am constantly in a room or at a dinner table with people who I need to know (so I'm told) or someone who has been told that they need to know me. I love meeting people; however I do find that meeting like-minded career oriented fun folks to socialize with can be a challenge. And even when you meet someone that you kind of hit it off with, does that mean that you invite them into your home around your family? 

Back to the brunch. Things that made me giggle, cringe, or just left me confused:

1. The brunch turning into a cross between an episode of "Girls Gone Wild," "The Food Network," and "Sex and the City."

2. Being very pregnant, and not having any idea when your due date is. Not a clue. Is that show "Unsolved Mysteries" still on?

3. The thought of any of our mothers (or any of us for that matter) getting our dildo on.

4. Putting food products inside my "private area." We are in a recession, and groceries cost too much money to keep my "private area" stocked in addition to my refrigerator.

5. Having your unborn baby super early because it is sitting on your bladder. Well, where else is it supposed to sit? Noelle was born almost 9 pounds, and I think it's safe to say she sat on my bladder and anywhere else she could find to sit on. When did this become an option?

6. Peter announcing that Mr. Clean had arrived bearing Mother's Day gifts. Oops, I mean gift. Have to agree with Sheree on this one. What rhymes with "wacky?" 

7. NeNe almost barfing at the thought of chowing down on powdered sugar mixed with a little va-jay-jay juice. Did I hear someone say "delicious?" I think I just threw up in my mouth.

8. Is it just me, or would Dr. Muhammad look a lot better if he just shaved his head? Even if he was a billionaire, the hair still needs to go. 

9. Peter being a jerk for upsetting NeNe by being insensitive. Thanks Peter, that's exactly what my relationship with NeNe needed. TENSION. Good looking out, babe.

10. Never did figure out what "completing the full act" means. Sounds scary and very painful, maybe even illegal.

11. Great baby advice to any new mom: Leave your child inside of you until he is ready to come out or at least until his due date. How brilliant is that? Thanks NeNe.

12. I still don't believe that I am a D bra size, even though the bras did fit.

13. Kim was missed at the dinner table. Her input would have been welcomed, and no doubt hilarious.

14. For the record. I do live in a re-gentrified neighborhood. I grew up in the hood or the ghetto (whatever you want to call it), and I love and respect all my fellow neighbors. People are people, no matter where they live, or how much money they make. Besides I love my house, and I could care less what kind of neighborhood it is in. But thanks for pointing that out, because I keep forgetting. Excuse me for not living next door from Usher and across the street from Luda.

15. Question: Is it right to hate on people, and then get all self- righteous when that same hate is returned? Hmmmm. Something to ponder.

Anyway, back to social network again, and then I promise to let it go. For some reason I am obsessed with trying to draw a parallel between social networking and my hosting a Mother's Day brunch for five women that recently came in to my life. Maybe I am over thinking this, and there is no parallel. Okay, forget the whole social network thing (however I do recommend the movie), and let's stick to the show. I should be getting paid to promote the movie at this point. All right already. In closing, I enjoyed this episode. I wish Kandi well with her situation with Riley's dad, I pray that things work out for the best. I really tried to make the ladies feel comfortable and at home. I felt like we were all laughing and having a good time until Peter had to open his big mouth. I love Peter, but he should have listened to me and been more sensitive. Any guests in our home should arrive happy campers, and leave happy campers. Needless to say, there were no candied yams, sugar (of any kind), peppermints, pancake syrup, Cool Whip, molasses, Lemon Heads, Jaw Breakers, Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, Now or Laters, or Starbursts used in our bedroom that night.

I really hope you guys enjoyed the show, and thanks so much for all of your comments (the nice ones more so than the mean ones). Being new to the show, I do read all my comments daily, and I appreciate you all taking the time to give me your thoughts. I am far from perfect and don't mind being called out if am in the wrong or misunderstood. If you aren't already, please follow me on twitter @cynthiabailey10, and friend me on Facebook. You guys usually love my blogs, but I was a little all over the place on this one. Forgive me if I disappoint. Thank you a million times for all the love and support!


Cynthia Bailey and Ms. Cindi B




Kenya: I'm More Empathetic Toward Apollo

Kenya Moore weighs in on the drama between Phaedra and Apollo.

Claudia has a new home, new job, new friendships that are developing, and a new life. That is a lot of stress for anyone to handle. Claudia has always been the life of the party and the girl who is friends with everyone. To see her going through grief upsets me, because I have personally witnessed her extending an olive branch to all of the women, even some who have made it their mission to disenfranchise me. It makes me sad to see that they are being punitive simply because I introduced her to the group and they are not willing to give her a chance. Like me, Claudia is a fighter and strong, but we all have our breaking point.

Cynthia was amazing! As an actor you have to be willing to take chances, make and commit to strong choices. This project is important to me, because it’s not only being completely financed by my company, but it is what I enjoy doing the most in my professional career. I love creating projects and producing. The great thing about Cynthia’s audition is that she came to play. I love it when an actor goes for broke and that she did!

Some people love to criticize me for having an opinion about Phaedra and Apollo or anyone else on the show at this point, as if somehow it is never any of my business. Despite the fact that this is a show where we discuss our issues, thoughts, and observations of one another. We may not agree, but I am entitled to and allowed to provide my input. We may not agree, however, no one and nothing is off limits when issues are put out there for public consumption.

Additionally, I’d like to point out that Phaedra and one other laughed, taunted, and tried to demean and humiliate me about Walter and my African Prince. In fact, Phaedra took pride in and reveled in the demise of my relationships, challenges having children, and my relationship with my mother. Some viewers have selective memory when it comes to my history on this show. They would like to conveniently forget when she said, “You can’t turn a whore into a housewife,” and that was PRIOR to Apollo accusing me of propositioning him.

With that said, I have empathy for those children and I am a forgiving person. In this case, I’m not judging her actions. I’m stating facts, history, and sharing my thoughts.

It was very uncomfortable to watch them. No one wants to witness the demise of a marriage when there are children involved. Phaedra appeared unbothered, stoic, cold-hearted, and condescending. The truth is and remains that they each have said malicious and hurtful things to me to cause public humiliation and disrepute. However, I find myself more empathetic toward Apollo, because the difference between Phaedra and Apollo is that Apollo had the decency to apologize to me for what he had done to me. He showed contrition for his smear campaign and Phaedra has not. She is seemingly proud of what she did to me and has no remorse. Therefore, when I witnessed all the accusations about him threatening to burn the house down, having punched holes in the walls (which we did not see), and her mother stating she doesn’t want to come home and find "everybody dead," it seemed to me like another one of her smear campaigns, thereby making it easier to defend the cheating allegations coming down the pike.

What I see without any manipulation is a man who is hurting, angry, and afraid that he will lose his children because Phaedra refuses to bring them to see him in prison and who also believes his wife has moved on with another man before the bed even got cold. By his account, his wife, who promised to be with him until death do them part, really meant until "Chocolate" do them part.

We filmed the show over a year ago and it’s just now finally over! Congratulations to the lovely Leeza Gibbons on her win. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I received so much praise from people who actually preferred to watch me in my boss mode than on RHOA, understandably so. Although I didn’t win the title, as such, I won big because the kids of Detroit won $20,000! Despite the attempts to attack my character and integrity, I thank the fans who believed me and Donald Trump himself who stated he believed I had nothing to do with #phonegate. Thank you for showing your support and keeping me on top with respect to the ratings! Team Twirl has spoken and the world heard you loud and clear!



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