Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia shares her favorite happenings on this week's episode and wishes everyone a happy Turkey Day. 

on Nov 22, 2010

Things that made me giggle, cringe or just left me confused:

1. Kim saying that Dwight must be the daddy because he got really upset. Refuse to even go there.

2. Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad laughing. And laughing … Whenever this man starts laughing, I just start laughing, and I have no idea what is so funny. Peter thinks that I am crazy.

3. Myself referring to Kim: "I bet you used to be a nurse!" I can't imagine the thousands of men (and women) that would purposely make themselves sick, if they thought Kim would be the one to nurse them back to health. 

4. You guys heard it for yourselves. 40 weeks pregnant, full term. Now what are we supposed to obsess about?

5. Look at Lawrence with them "daisy-dukes" on! 

6. I would not advise first-time mommies to focus on things like, um MATERNAL DEATH, hours before going into labor. 

7. Praying before the spades game? You can never pray too much.

8. "Dr. Lue is the only doctor that I would let near my vagina!" Can we do an episode where the word vagina or vajay-jay doesn't come up?

9. Apollo was well over 8 pounds, and came 3 months early? My mouth is still open.

10. "Oh honey, that looks like the projects!" Huh?