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Uptown Girl

Cynthia explains the reason NeNe and Peter butted heads. 

Things that made me giggle, cringe or just left me confused:

1. Who races a Bentley? Hmm. Nobody that I can think of.

2. I'm not trying to be a model, I'm trying to be an actress. And I'm trying to stop drinking sodas.

3. Kim saying, she doesn't like the word THING. She doesn't like the word THING on anything thing she does. I can totally see how the word THING can be a real pain in the a--!

4. Jump, b----! Do a flip, do something! Now how much fun would that be to see?

5. Do you have your own brain? Yes, and some people actually think I am smart.

6. Do you know what the word pretentious means? Is that a rhetorical question? 

7. Are you wearing red shoes? Both of us wearing red shoes is a sign. Okay...

8. Be her sounding board when I'm at work. I thought this was actually funny.

9. There are a lot of things that annoy Peter, and my talking on the phone A LOT is one of them. Again, did I really say this? It's 2010, please. Even if it was 1957, please.

10. I didn't want to get Cynthia in trouble. Huh? Hilarious. 

Here we go! Peter and NeNe... Let's back up. From the first time I met NeNe, I knew that she and Peter were either going to be best buds or bump heads, because they are both very loud and very outspoken. Two strong personalities. Guess what? They hit it off instantly, even to the point of people insinuating, (and some of y'all straight-up saying) that NeNe was checking for Peter. I have always maintained that NeNe is not that kind of woman, period. Not to mention that I have never doubted Peter's love and devotion to me.

I'm going to try to make a very long story short. This is a very uncomfortable situation for me to be in, and I truly don't wish it on anyone. I love Peter, and I also cherish my new friendship with NeNe. I have gotten to know her well and I consider her my friend. Of course, we have gone through our ups and downs (like real friends do), but we have always to been there for each other when it mattered. Even at the height of my Peter-NeNe drama, I always felt in my heart that if NeNe is a true friend, we will find a way to get through this mess. That's what friends do. 

Back to Peter. At this point in the show, Peter is losing Uptown, which is starting to cause a lot of tension in our relationship. I will not make excuses for Peter, but it is important for you guys to understand that there is so much more to the story than what you get to see. Actually, Gregg (also being an entrepreneur) and NeNe went through the same thing when he lost (or closed) his businesses. The roles reversed, and it was (and I'm sure still is) a huge adjustment for both of them. So I know they can relate, and NeNe and I often talk about this when we can't stay off the phone with each other. 

Back to Peter. Uptown is Peter's business and his source of income. He is a very proud Jamaican, and needs to be the man of the house. Old school, old- fashioned, and very set in his ways. A real man's man, and I can respect that. At this point in the show, I knew things were bad with Uptown, but he was very persistent about trying to keep it going. I tried to be supportive during this time, but it became more and more difficult. I don't want to give too much away, because a lot of these things will unfold in the upcoming episodes. But I will say this: He was very careful to keep me on a need to know basis, because he knew the reality of the situation would cause me much worry and stress. Not to mention, we were in the middle of planning a wedding, which he insisted on taking care of financially. Well, with Uptown potentially closing, this was only the beginning of our problems. How are we going to pay for this wedding, and oh yeah, our bills? By now you may or may not know that we have both invested most of our money into Uptown, trying to keep it afloat in a recession. More on that story to come, stay tuned. That said, Peter is going through his Uptown drama, and NeNe is going through her Gregg drama. I'm trying to be there for him, and I'm trying to be there for her. You get the picture right? 

Now, let's talk about my drama. So much for making a long story short. I am by no means a punk, or a pushover, but I do pick and choose my fights. Peter, NeNe, and I (Gregg and I don't have a problem with each other), are three grown people. And if they want to work this thing out, they will sit down like two adults and work it out. I am not taking sides or being stuck in the middle. Peter is my man, and NeNe is my friend. Period. If they both care about me, they will work it out. The real question is, why am I in this position in the first place? I am friends with NeNe (not Gregg), and NeNe should be friends with me (not Peter). That would end our confusion. 

Now, NeNe and I are two very different women. She deals with Gregg the way she sees fit, and I deal with Peter the way I see fit. I have my own brain (and most people actually think I'm smart) and am far from a puppet. My kindness should never be taken for weakness, and I have no problem speaking my mind, or as we like to say "going in." I am not NeNe, and Peter is not Gregg. They handle their problems their way, and we handle ours our way. 

In closing, as always, I appreciate all the love and support. Follow me on twitter cynthiabailey10, and friend me on Facebook. 


Cynthia Bailey

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Claudia: I Felt Good About the Reunion

Claudia Jordan shares her thoughts on NeNe Leakes' breakdown and the reunion as a whole. What was going through your mind when NeNe walked off?
Claudia Jordan: Well the reunion was quite an experience. When NeNe walked off, initially I wasn't sure what was going on to be honest. But I did notice she seemed to be trembling, so I knew she was definitely feeling something very real to her. I just didn't know what set her off at that point. So at first I was a little taken back. I had never seen her cry, but we are all human and everyone has their breaking point. Do you think NeNe had a real breakthrough?
CJ: I honestly did think at that moment she really did. Her demeanor was different afterwards. And I even heard from her after the show. That to me was a good sign that perhaps we could all really move forward and start fresh. I know I'm always open to squash some beef, especially if it's nothing deep rooted and something surface. I don't see why not. But like I said on the show, we all have a story and things that we have had to deal with and overcome. I think we need to not think our problems are bigger than the next woman's and respect one another's struggles -- whether we think they are major or minor. One woman's problems are not more important than the rest. And I think if we can all learn to be sensitive to the next woman, then we are on our way. Hopefully that moment was the catalyst for change in NeNe and in others as well. Do you feel like everyone ended the reunion in a better place?
CJ: I'd like to think so. I do think some will probably never be open for change and are just stuck in their own way, while others really took advantage of the opportunity to take something from it all. I'm not going to worry about those that do not wish to grow and move forward. I will just focus and give energy to likeminded individuals that want to get along, move forward, grow, learn, and progress. I know I felt good about the reunion. I know I didn't chime in a whole lot. And I think I had good reason. You don’t get to see everything, but I felt it was important to let the people who had real issues with each other hash it out with no outside opinions, just like I said in the Philippines. When people interject their opinions and thoughts when it’s not their issue, it just adds confusion to the situation. One of the cast members in particular is good for that. Always adding "well I think..." when it has absolutely nothing to do with her, and I feel those extra unnecessary comments can potentially add fuel to the fire and then there is no coming back. So if my silence was going to help the progress of the group moving forward, then I will take that "L."

Yes, it's "cute" to "read" and get in an epic one liner or rant, but sometimes you just need to shut the hell up and let folks deal with each other and let them do them. I have no problems with that. Plus my opinion on everyone’s situation doesn't need to always be heard -- I wish more of us felt the same way. I will say that this seemed to be a great starting point for folks to move forward and put their money where their mouths are when it comes to being a grown ass woman. I really hope everyone wants to. It'd be great to see how things could go if we spent less time fussing and more time co-existing peacefully. #ThatIsAll


As the season has come to an end for me, I just wanted to say wow! What a roller coaster ride it has been! I had no idea getting into this that any of it would happen. I thought I'd come on board, have a little fun, bring a little light-hearted fun, and make some new acquaintances. This show is huge and everywhere I go people come up to me and say such amazingly sweet things, and I am truly humbled when they tell me how they can relate to me and appreciate my realness. I was particularly touched when a teenage boy who was gay and biracial that had always felt like an outsider reached out to me talking about suicidal thoughts he had. We spoke and I was beyond moved when he told me that he could relate to some of the things I spoke about and that I somehow inspired and encouraged him to keep going. Those are the moments that make all the drama and fussing and fighting truly worth it. I want to continue to use this amazing platform for important issues. Again I thank Andy, Carlos, Joy, Lauren, Stephen, the entire cast and crew for this amazing opportunity. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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