Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia explains the reason NeNe and Peter butted heads. 

on Dec 6, 2010

Now, let's talk about my drama. So much for making a long story short. I am by no means a punk, or a pushover, but I do pick and choose my fights. Peter, NeNe, and I (Gregg and I don't have a problem with each other), are three grown people. And if they want to work this thing out, they will sit down like two adults and work it out. I am not taking sides or being stuck in the middle. Peter is my man, and NeNe is my friend. Period. If they both care about me, they will work it out. The real question is, why am I in this position in the first place? I am friends with NeNe (not Gregg), and NeNe should be friends with me (not Peter). That would end our confusion. 

Now, NeNe and I are two very different women. She deals with Gregg the way she sees fit, and I deal with Peter the way I see fit. I have my own brain (and most people actually think I'm smart) and am far from a puppet. My kindness should never be taken for weakness, and I have no problem speaking my mind, or as we like to say "going in." I am not NeNe, and Peter is not Gregg. They handle their problems their way, and we handle ours our way. 

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Cynthia Bailey