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If These Hips Could Talk's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 16.

My apologies for the delay, Atlantimals! I was sidetracked yesterday by an inpromptu interview with the incredibly sweet Yigit Pura of Top Chef: Just Desserts fame. My subsequent sugar high left me too distracted to focus (poor excuse, I know, but true nonetheless). 

Well it's been quite a season. We've  met new friends, new wigs, and new enemies. We've learned that the ring didn't mean a thing, what a stunt queen is, and that you can eat pizza and lose weight through the miracle of science. We've experienced the magic of photo shoots involving pickles. Most importantly, the Atlanta Housewives have kept us laughing all season.

Before we jump into the finale spectacular, a quick shout out to commenter RRH, who pointed out that Kathy Griffin did indeed look at Thomas' house when she was in Miami for My Life on the D-List. I thought that was the case, but I wasn't positive, so thank you for confirming my suspicions!

The No. 3 moment goes to Cynthia and Peter's wedding. Now there is just so much to comment on, that I don't know where to begin. How about when Kim brought her own white wine to the wedding? She truly is the definition of a girl scout -- always prepared. And then there was the whole marriage license debacle with Cynthia's mother and sister. I'm with Andy on this one, that is just straight out of a telenovela. Family members are supposed to make disapproving faces and talk behind your back about how they think you're making a mistake, not forcefully try and stop your impending nuptials. Why was Peter drunk right before the ceremony? First off, that's supposed to happen after the vows, and second, if the guys from The Hangover could get it together before the wedding, so should Peter. 

But in the words of Michelle Williams, "After all of the darkness and sadness, soon comes happiness." The wedding came together, Cynthia didn't have to throw on her Runaway Bride emergency getaway sneakers, and everyone had a good time. You can check out all the photos from the big day in our wedding album gallery. This one was my favorites:


On to No. 2, Lawrence's performance of Closet Freak. How far we've come from Lawrence's initial meeting with Kandi! Lawrence showed us what he's really been hiding in his closet, and it's fiercer than any pair of heels we've seen on him before. There was an avant garde hair piece. There was a black, be-chained, catsuit. There were delightfully sassy dance moves. And there was an abundance of fog. All together it was certainly on of the most memorable musical performances in Housewives history. 

The best part of all this however was how excited all the 'Wives were for Lawrence. You could tell they were genuinely thrilled that he was up there doing his thing. Exhibit A:


Is that Sheree shedding a tear? They truly are best boos forever.

And finally, the No. spot goes to Sheree's movie audition. I can tell you right now, I will be pre-ordering tickets to If These Hips Could Talk the moment they go on sale. Unfortunately there is no imdb page yet, but I'll be trolling the internet for any updates. 

Now I must say I was a little concerned for the casting panel. They were going a little hard on Sheree, and I kind of wanted to reach through the screen and say, "Stop! Do you not remember the incident of the party planner? Do not cross Sheree!" But this is a new season and a new Sheree. She took the criticism in stride, but still managed to work in a little of her signature sass. For example when she proclaims, "That's how Sheree would have done it." Luckily the new and improved Sheree refrained from following that up with something like, "And it's Sheree's way or the highway, Boo!" But Sheree gets her groove back once they ask her to get angry. I mean, again, have they never seen the show? Sheree knows how to bring it. She herself points out, "If they wanted angry, I can do that better than anybody." Clearly once she turned it up, they were sold since she got the part. 

So here's to seeing Sheree at next year's Academy Awards!